Protection of coastal vegetation to prevent tsunami damage

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One thing, however, disturbed at the relaxing weekend I have a lot of dump trucks and other commercial vehicles line of sight, captured along and near the hotel, we live in the beautiful beach. For me every day Elmina, the vehicles came to the large load of silica sand so much. Not with the eyes and thoughts, and some people can disrupt the trigger-driven content of our coastal landscape business, I approached to see what had happened.
I approached the man, who was busy loading his Sandstone processing plant , do not know why two days before they destroy one of the natural beaches. The next day was more the day before the truck load. The young man looked at me and said:. "Madam President, men must eat"
Even though I have not had time to say anything, he went on the road have no work. He said he had sent letters to other places in the University of Cape Coast, many applications of the "work safety policy", but without success. He added that not everyone can enter the cities in search of work and take care of the family, (referring to earn sand) do not, they can do themselves.

How can we improve our beaches and promote tourism and this attitude seriously, it is believed, because there is no work to prepare, he needs to go and destroy our forehead beach for his own selfish means. This is an obvious example of anarchy, a few years ago, I remember a Silica sand beneficiation plant beach on our permanent ban, for the same cause coastal erosion and degradation of the sea to win, I do not think this ban is removed.
I said the young man's gesture, which obviously can not see and will never understand why he can not continue "business" on a free for all goods, if it is to feed him and his family. I kept telling him it was not on the individual and his family's survival, but our coast, the sea from the selfish actions of their destruction. I tried to let him know what our next generation to stay, if they continue to do so to benefit. I realized that I made many people, when his colleagues on their waiting vehicle loaded to the sand continue.
These people obviously do not understand the fact that their victory and beach protection, continuous exposure to future hazards on the beach, including the sea claimed the land as soon as possible. They do not realize that when there is loss, there will have to invest huge sums of money recovered as a protective measure along the waterfront land. In our discussions, I mentioned in passing, as we should have a part of the Atlantic Ocean tsunami natural phenomena, life and property in the region has gone faster.

Today, this man must be called me and told me things that maybe we heard later in the week names? Three days later, I start from Elmina, have shaken the world, established in Japan, news of the tsunami trauma. Devastating earthquake struck the northeastern coast of Japan Friday morning, Yenta 10 meters tsunami, we must indeed, after an alarm, especially for those who are busy making our beach silica sand plant, their harmful activities are destroying our beautiful coast.
We see images from the sea northeast of the township, when in Japan, but also an incredible life experiences. It will be some of Japan until recently, when the world's largest economy, on the other hand, to reconcile their losses, including thousands of lives. As for the damage to its economy, Japan will become a powerful tsunami in the next few years following the loss, said to have swept everything in its path, including houses, vehicles, roads, bridges, offices and other commercial buildings.
Can you imagine our world, the poor part of the place, because we are what? Today, it occurs in the Pacific, who knows what other marine will be the next target, although it will be ten years from happening again?
It does not matter how serious, and to prepare a fortified town or city, the power is still a devastating tsunami. In fact, news reports tell us that in the preparation, the Japanese have done a variety of accidents, such as earthquakes all the rights, therefore, things have in recent days the road, they have confirmed the attack in the size of the earthquake. So, of course, the tsunami will be all in its path clear kilometers, but certainly, a beach and the surrounding area caused severe damage to make things worse. This is why I think the winning of Silica sand beneficiation plant movement is happening, I witnessed last week, authorities arrested Elmina must be the beginning. The law not only dangerous, but it also destroyed our tourism and potential investment.
Casting my mind, is not prohibited by law a certain radius of the Silica sand processing plant of the beach is the number of winners? Yes, we spent a lot, but its implementation the law has always been our biggest challenge as a nation.

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