Protecting Our Environment

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We have been taking advantage of the world now for a number of years. The fact that we are running out of natural resources and facing challenges like global warming, freak natural disasters and widespread disease proves to us that somewhere down the line something went wrong and things werenít done properly. We need to all come together and appreciate what we have, we should be much more careful about how we do things and understand that what we do may have damaging and lasting negative effects.

I get the feeling that nobody really cares about the future of the world or what we are all doing to it, its either that we donít care or that people donít properly understand or it maybe hasnít been explained well enough to them. If this is the case and nobody does care then this is a sad situation for us to be in. We will be leaving our mess and destruction of the world to our children and grandchildren. Surely people would care about their futures?

It is so frustrating to see this happening to the world when there are so many things that we can all do to help it. They are all small things that we can do too, so it doesnít even have to be that much of an effort. If we did all of these small things then it would help the world dramatically.

Some of the easy and simple things we can all do around our homes are keep lights off when not in use, ensure electrical items arenít on standby as this uses more power than you might think, make sure taps are leaking and you donít leave them running when its not necessary. Make the change to GU10 energy efficient bulbs, these GU10 LED bulbs will save you lots of energy and money. They are almost ten times more efficient than a normal light bulb and are much safer, they donít just blow out but they gradually fade which wont leave you suddenly in the dark. These LED GU10 energy efficient bulbs are a little more expensive to use at first however they will certainly make up for their initial cost. They will save you lots of money on energy bills that is great for everyone.

Recycling is another thing that everyone should be doing, there are so many things that we use that can be recycled, it is just silly that some people donít recycle. Many types of plastics are cardboard that we buy from the supermarkets are suitable for recycling, food wastes can be recycled also, garden waste, water and much more can be saved from filling up a landfill site somewhere.

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