Pros and Cons of Buying plots and flats

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Pros and Cons of Flats and Independent House

There is always uncertainty between whether to buy an apartment or an individual house.
Advantages of an Apartment
• It provides security and safe life for the family.
• It provides facilities such as power and water back up uninterrupted supply of cooking gas would help us to lead a tension free life.
• Apartment will have well maintained garden and landscaping as part of the complex would help us to spend some time in greenery and gives space and relaxes your mind.
• Club facilities will provide you access to gym, sports, swimming pool etc which will help you to lead an active and healthy life
• Enough space for parking will be provided.
• Utilities bills (Electricity, internet, water bill) would be collected by the apartment staff to save our time.
• Services such as plumbers, electricians are made available and no need to worry.
Independent House
When we dream of house, the picture which strikes our mind is an Independent House. Of course there are advantages and disadvantages of living in an independent house. Let us discuss about the same.

Advantages of Independent House
• An independent house provides greater degree of freedom.
• We can design our own as we like to build it.
• More privacy with no more problems with regard to sound seepage.
• We can keep some space for gardening and for growing pets.
• .We are flexible to expand the space as per requirements in the future also
• We can develop the higher floors when we want to make some additional income through rent.
Disadvantages of an Apartment
• Maintenance will be collected on monthly or annually basis.
• Limited or No freedom to make modification to the exteriors as you like.
• Very limited space will be provided for gardening.
• Sound seepage between the wall of the adjoining apartments or voice from lower or higher floor could irritate you and vice versa.
• We cannot design the house as per your wish.
• Plan should be thoroughly made before buying an apartment as there is no flexible option to expand the space for future needs.
Disadvantages of independent house

• Security is the main concern in this type of house. We have to spend on watchman or gate keeper to secure our home.
• We have to plan for the power and water backup.
• We have to pay for the external clubs and gym to relax our mind. We need to travel outside for to get access to those facilities.
• Services such as plumbers, electricians etc would need to be identified and called for at the time of need.
We should sketch our plan considering the above furnished factual advantages and disadvantages. Better go for an Apartment if we are changing the place frequently because our property will be safe and secure even in our absence.
Ultimately, the choice between an apartment or individual home comes down to personal preference.

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