Pros And Cons Nintendo Wii

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The competition in game consoles is at its peak, and some people even refer to it as video game war. Every game console has its own strengths and weaknesses that the other company uses to gain a notch ahead of them. This article will be discussing the pros and cons of Nintendo Wii. This will help you better understand why Wii is popular with casual gamers and not with hardcore gamers.


This is obviously one of the powerhouses in game console industry. They have been in this industry long before Sony and Microsoft entered the scene. They are more focused on creating games that does not provide mind-blowing graphics but with excellent game play. They are the creators of some of the best games of all time like Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and Donkey Kong.

They provide new innovations to the world of gaming, and their latest is the motion sensing controllers. This allows the player to participate in Nintendo Wii physically games without holding a traditional controller. The motion controllers enable the console to tack the activities of the players and translate it to in-game actions instantly.


Nintendo doesn’t focus much in creating games that takes game development to the limit. Although they are known for great innovations, they do not have games that manifest high-end graphics comparable to Sony and Microsoft. This is the reason why casual gamers prefer Wii, while hardcore gamers prefer other consoles over Nintendo.

These are some of the key points that you need to remember when choosing a game console. Always keep in mind that different consoles have their own specialties and weaknesses, which is why it is better to conduct a research before purchasing a product.

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