Prophecies of Calamity in the Year 2012

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The more you read about 2012, the more you see an abundance of people throughout the world believing in the prophecies of disaster in that year. Not only do people believe in the coming armageddon in 2012, but more and more are getting ready and preparing for the worst. A sizeable deal of this belief is based on the ending of the Mayan calendar, as well as prophecies and predictions foretold in ancient writings.

The Mayan calender will stop on what the Mayans called the end of the huge Cycle. This is due in part to the fact that various scholars accept as true that the Mayans were skillful at astronomy and mathematics, and that they were knowledgeable in interpreting what the heavens were revealing to them at that time. Other people say Nostradamus acknowledged in one of his quatrains that the world would ends in this year. However, as reflected in their artifacts and writings, according to the people that study them, the Mayans in no way made any assertion of the world ending at all. Moreover, the truth is that Nostradamus claimed his predictions would be valid until 3797 and that there is no indication of 2012 in any of his writings.

Moreover, there are numerous predictions which point to the end of time. Alien invasions and a planet hitting the earth are the greatest widespread ones. According to popular myth a mysterious planet, Planet X is speeding towards our solar system, which it will enter in 2012. But, there does not seem to be any scientific substantiation for a planet speeding towards the earth. Scientists monitor these things and data would be released from scientific organizations if it were true.

Some of these prophecies and doomsday beliefs include storms that would hit the world with destructive force, as well as disruptions from volcanoes, earthquakes and even solar flares. They also include reference to the magnetic poles of the Earth shifting positions. The effects from magnetic pole reversal are said to incorporate global warming, earthquakes, famine, drought, unusual weather patterns, social collapse and even war. At least this is what the doomsday prophets are stating.

Natural disasters are the best likelihood for the earth terminating, and even with that, there is no supporting proof it will take place. Solar flares are no worse then usual, and never in our history do we have geological validation that a solar flare took place which was considerable enough to kill off life on the planet. Also, there is no corroborating piece of evidence to backing the claim that any natural devastation will be happening on this date.

It is easy to see why various people think that the 2012 end of the world is more than a possibility; but for others, there is simply just not enough evidence to backing that view. Thus no one essentially knows what will occur.

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