Proper conditioning of hair for better results

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One of the most complicated parts of our body is our hair. Though it is made of dead tissues and no pain is felt if they are cut off. But our hair has life at the root under the scalp. The root of the hair provides nutrition to the hair for its growth and to keep it healthy. Our hair needs a lot of attention and care to glow with health. Sometimes it is really challenging to keep our hair in good condition. A healthy and beautiful hair is always the most desired thing for us. Our hair plays a great role in the reflection of our personality. And the most disturbing problem to the hair is hair fall. Though it is a fact that we loose 50-100 hairs every day, and it is natural. But more than that rate of hair fall is really a matter to be taken seriously. If anyone is loosing too much hair each day and no attention is paid to it, then it is no surprise that the person is going to be bald in a few days.

Therefore, keeping an eye on the hair care is very much essential. First of all it is recommended to provide proper nutrition to the hair. It is the most important thing for healthy hair growth. A perfectly balanced diet is essential for providing proper nutrition to the hair. And as it is supplied through the scalp therefore proper scalp protection is also very important.

Not only from inside, but the hair needs sufficient supply of nutrition and proper care from outside. A regular shampoo is sufficient to get a healthy shiny look to your hair. But not only shampoo can do the trick, it needs proper conditioning also. This is essential because shampoo often causes rough hair. To avoid this and to give nourishment to the hair from outside regular conditioning is also essential. Conditioners make our hair silky and smooth. It often makes the hair bouncy also. The damage caused by the loss of moisture from the cortex by coloring, rough handling, heat styling, etc. resulting in damaged cuticles, and breakage of hair can be prevented by using conditioners. And the natural shine can be regained.

There are a number of conditioners available in the market. It may be sometimes confusing to decide which one to use. The job of the conditioners is to coat the hair with a fine layer which smoothes the cuticle making the hair glossier and easy to manage. Conditioners should be applied on shampooed hair and then leave it for a few minutes, and then thoroughly rinse off. This is how the basic conditioners work but there are other types of conditioners also. Different conditioners that can be used for different hair types are conditioning sprays, which forms a protective barrier against the harmful effects of heat, and are also good for static electricity on fly away hair. Other than that are the heat oils which give an intensive, deep nourishing treatment. These conditioners are especially helpful for dry hair. Besides these are the intensive conditioners, which help the hair to retain its natural moisture balance, and are helpful for dry, split, frizzy and difficult to manage hair. If you are having fine hair, it's better to use the leave-in conditioners, which are helpful to retain moisture and add shine. They are quite popular as being easy-to-use, providing a barrier against the harmful effects of heat styling. These conditioners are used after shampoo and should not be rinsed off. Thus it's not very tough to decide which type of conditioner is appropriate for you. Just follow the problem of your hair and choose the one for you.

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