Propane burners and Propane stoves, a review

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Propane stoves and propane burners are a traditional and very reliable choice for outdoor cooking. Across the marketplace propane burners are designed with

safety and functionality in mind albeit some marks are notably better than others.

Here at the Outdoor Cooking Equipment Store we undertake regular reviews of outdoor cooking equipment. In this critique we focus on the use of propane in

cooking, explaining why propane stoves and propane burners are the ideal choice when backpacking, tailgating, camping, cooking on the patio or having a

backyard party.

By way of an introductory summary:

1. Propane stoves are safer than many other options because the fuel comes from the pressurized tank as a vapor rather than a liquid;

2. Propane tanks are sealed eliminating the risk of fire, spillage and smells;

3. Propane burners are often rated by their BTU, [a traditional unit of energy]. What this is is, is a measure of the propane unit's heating value,as

measured in British Thermal Units [BTU/hour]; for those more technically interested, 1 BTU = 1 055.05585 joules; for those still racking their brains and

thinking back to their physics lessons, 1 BTU is approximately the amount of energy needed to heat up one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit!

4. Emissions from propane stoves are markedly lower than those from oil-fueled stoves;

5. Propane stoves are not so efficient in colder temperatures or at high altitudes;

6. Propane stoves are a favored heat source for brewers;

7. Propane stoves are popular for backpacking because of their ease of use;

8. Some say that propane stoves are too heavy for backpacking. This arises because our safety regulations require propane canisters to be made of

relatively thick, heavy steel;

9. Propane stoves are self-priming giving them a significant advantage over liquid fuel stoves;

10. Propane stoves are convenient as there is no requirement for preheating;

11. Propane stoves do lose their heating efficiency as the cartridge empties;

12. Propane stoves are cheaper than liquid fuel stoves to buy initially but their running cost are higher because propane fuel is more expensive;

13. Propane stoves are much cleaner than wood-burning alternatives;

14. Propane stoves are a great cooking source but are never to be used indoors;

15. If the campsite or area of outback that you are staying at does not allow open fires its most likely that propane stoves will be allowed;indeed most

often propane stoves are even allowed during fire bans.

If you are thinking of purchasing a propane burner or propane stove you will find that:

1. they are easy to light, the flame is highly adjustable;

2. they require no pumping of the tank;

3. they are portable and strong;

4. the simplest, single stove propane burners are small and fit easily inside your pack; albeit they can be a little heavy;

5. they are cheaper than liquid fuel stoves in general;

6. being relatively simply they need very little maintenance;

In conclusion, here at the Outdoor Cooking Equipment Store we recommend the purchase of Bayou Classic's traditional propane stoves and burners. These outdoor propane burners are the strongest propane burners commercially made. They are designed for strength, function and safety, whilst remaining on of the most efficient outdoor propane burners sold.

They come in a range different shapes with one, two and three burner options and a range of BTU outputs, from 55,000 BTU units enabling you to cook at the simplest levels right through to high performance burners with a 210,000 BTU units that can heat up a 162 quart stockpot in only 20 minutes.

Stephen Kember is the Proprietor of The outdoor cooking equipment Store where you will find a range of exceptional value, great quality propane burners and propane stoves.

Get along to the store as quick as you can as there is a pre Christmas sale on with some superb offers.

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