Promotional items for NGOs

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If you happen to leading an organization that is non government then you would definitely want to have more publicity mainly since these organizations that are nongovernmental depend on donations and charities that they happen to receive from different kinds of companies and individuals. There could be many volunteers also working under the organization that you own, nevertheless, there is a requirement of some amount of push in order to get the publicity that is required. The first thing that you should do is get in touch with a few ad makers and ask them if they could make an advertisement for the organization you own that has been set up to fight a cause. Although, this is one of the methods you can always look into the alternatives that is more cheaper and also helps in the long run such as making use of promotional products and see how these are going to get your organization out in the open.

One of the biggest assets of an NGO is definitely the volunteers who happen to work for them. If you happen to have much more than a hundred volunteers then you should make use of these volunteers to be able to get much more publicity that you might never be able to get with the help of advertisement. Some of the promotional items that you can make use of in order to get publicity are mentioned underneath.

Awareness bracelets: This might sound really simple as well as cheap but these bracelets become a promotional item if you happen to think out of the normal. These bracelets are starting to become extremely common since they are made with the help of silicone and this makes them long lasting. You can have the name of your NGO printed on them and give these to your volunteers and to all those people who not just donate but also become a part of the activities of the organization. When you buy the awareness bracelets as a bulk then they are not going to cost the organization much at all, you will also see how much response you might be getting.

Awareness stickers: The awareness stickers are cheap, simple and an extremely effective item for the purpose of promotion. You can easily distribute these stickers to all the volunteers working for you and have them give it to all those people that they get to interact with. You can also have these stickers stuck on buses or cabs, though this method you will begin to notice the amount of publicity you are gaining and how quickly people are getting to know about the NGO and your cause.

Printed piggy banks and promotional puzzles are great promo items for children.

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