Promotional Antenna Football

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As you walk out of your office building, you notice a small, brown, oval shaped ball perched atop nearly every vehicle antenna in the parking lot. Approaching your car, you get a closer look and see that the ball has a local radio station's logo printed on it and it is made to look like a miniature football. You may chuckle a little as you leave it on your antenna and drive off on your way home.

Curious, you tune your car radio to the station that distributed the promotional football that is dancing jauntily in the wind and find that it is the exclusive broadcaster of the high school football tournament coming up in the next month. The radio host mentions that a rash of the small, Styrofoam footballs have been left on vehicles all around the city. Being a fan of high school football, you decide then and there that the football tournament would be a very nice event for you to take your wife and family to.

These miniature promotional footballs have a hole in the bottom that will push down over the end of a car antenna. They can be molded and printed in many shapes and designs to promote soccer, football, baseball or even golf. A natural eye-catcher as they bob around in the wind on the end of an antenna, these little attention grabbers can raise awareness and curiosity about many things.

As the tournament gets closer, the radio station is finding that advertising sales are rising for the football tournament and many of the new customers mention the promotional football antenna topper. The customers are especially excited about the buzz that the unique idea has created. The people talking about it now will be listening to the games on the radio and will hear their sponsoring advertisements as well.

A sporting goods store hears about the promotion and decides to make full-size promotional footballs available as prizes for a drawing at the game. When kids play catch with these footballs in their neighborhoods, the store's name and logo will be plain to see and will drive customers to their business.

Getting your business's name out in front of the public is a surefire way to bring customers through your doors. A logical tie-in to an event, such as this promotional football scenario, can be a fun and unique endeavor that gets people talking about your business and better yet, thinking about your business when the time comes to make a purchase.

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