Promoting Literacy For Your Child With Activity Kits

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The toys children play with are instrumental in promoting literacy at all the stages of their lives.The categories of literacy are varied too and include science, reading and art.Activity kits expand that literacy by adding special skills like model building,dexterity and logical thinking.Children are natural learners and can absorb amazing amounts of new information and ideas,so it's up to the parent to make sure there is a healthy supply of activity kits and art supplies in Chicago, IL homes.

When a child is young, a box of crayons and some paper means hours of fun, but the activity kits can enhance any learning experience. The kits offer hours of activities that seem just like play but really combine play with learning in a creative way.

>> Art Activity Kits – Using eco-friendly supplies the kits include a variety of art materials that can be used in open-ended projects. You can encourage your child to express natural artistic talents.

>> Book Making Kits – Encourage your child to make and keep a journal that has a cover reflecting their unique personality, or teach your child the value of scrapbooking.

>> Garden Art Kits – While making garden art pieces, the child is able to be as creative as he/she wants to be and can learn more about the art of gardening in the process.

>> Drawing Kits – Children can learn to sketch, draw, use a variety of media and much more while also learning more about shapes, colors and drawing skills.

>> Models – Kids can build 3-D models of animals and insects and learn about nature, shapes and how to assemble pieces.

>> Paint By Number – Kids learn numbers, matching, colors, and of course, how to color within the lines.

>> Science Kits – These kits use creative hands-on fun to teach about topics like chemistry, food, weather, meteors perfumes, and more.

There are kits for teaching topics like money and allowances, serving food, decorating, scrapbooking and so much more. When you shop for art supplies in Chicago, IL you will find plenty of art kits, crafts kits, travel kits and paint and draw kits (for the sheer fun of it).

Using Art to Nurture Creativity

Children’s activity kits prove that learning does not have to be boring. Children can learn to solve problems, think logically, use their senses, explore their creative abilities, process information, ask questions to gain more information and so much more.

Nurturing your child’s talents, abilities, skills without stifling creativity is not always a simple task.When you take advantage of the children’s kits sold as art supplies in Chicago, IL the task becomes much simpler. Activities are guided and challenging but without limiting the child’s imagination.

Pablo Picasso captured the essence of a child’s creative spirit when he said, "I used to draw like Raphael, but it has taken me a whole lifetime to learn to draw like a child." What more could you ask for in art supplies in Chicago, IL than to let your child draw like a child?

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