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Promotional items are a great way to promote your business. You want to give your potential customer something useful, something they want, something they can use daily. Many companies simply pass out ink pens at their conferences but rarely do they get remembered. While ink pens are a great promotional item, they go along better with additional items such as stickers, post it pads, note pads, and magnets with your company logo. Everyone gives out pens and pencils but there are so many greater items available to really catch your clients attention.

When it comes to promotional items there are several things you want to keep in mind; give people something they want, do not be skimpy, design your item in an eye catching way, quality is more important than quantity.

Don't be skimpy when selecting your promotional items. A cheap 7 cents ink pen that runs out in a day will more then likely irritate your potential customers more so then draw them in. If you want to run a good business you want your customers to know that you are not frugal. Being frugal in something such as handles could suggest you are frugal in the job that you do as well. A well thought out promotional item can help draw people into your business and thus make you more money.

When you set up your design for these items be sure to include your slogan, your phone number and your company logo. You want to design your promotional items in an eye catching way. With most promotional item companies, you can design everything yourself; from the color of the item, to your logo colors. Clip art is also a great thing to add to your item.

Some companies divide up their promotional items as well. Returning customers get better incentive to come back again. Customers who return to you know you do good work and are more then likely to stick with you then take the chance with someone else if you show them a bit of respect. You can send them your promotional items for free, but another option available to you is for them to purchase your promotional items at a cheaper price just so they can advertise your business. For potential customers, you do not want to skimp out on them but a solid, concrete customer is a sure thing where a potential customer may or may not be.

Printed radios are excellent giveaways. Promotional golf umbrellas are useful for any executive.

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