Prominent Jewish Art and Artists

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Jewish art and artwork is all around us, but many people don't know the names of the artists who created it. From paintings and murals to sculptures and sketches, there are many Jewish artists who have not only made a name for themselves but produce truly beautiful pieces for everyone to enjoy.

Roy Lichtenstein is one such artist, who took the world by storm with his pop art in the 1960s. Anyone would recognize his work; it embraces the old style of comic strips, using what is called Ben-Day dots printing that was used in these comic images. His work is colorful and eye catching and images and likeness are still used to today on clothing and accessories. It is also on display in various museums, notably the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City.

For an artist who works specifically on Jewish art, Howard Fox is a praised realist and hyper-realist artist. He paints in amazing details day to day scenes as well as beautiful religious scenes such as his interpretation of Heaven and Hell, the Tower of Babel, and other Jewish images. He has had over a dozen exhibitions in Canada, New York, Israel, California and Brazil. His work is astoundingly detailed, colorful and somewhat surreal.

David Ascalon is a contemporary sculptor and artist who works on stained glass windows, monuments and mosaic murals. Much of his work is found on synagogue architecture. He has also has his sculptures installed in a few different Holocaust Memorials. His work is found all across America at various locations of worship, though many may not even realize the name behind the work that they see.

Mark Rothko has probably one of the most unique styles of art. He was an abstract expressionist who used colors to create a certain mood within the person viewing the piece. None of his paintings were of actual objects or people, but rather looked like blocks of color. He was convinced that if painted a certain way, a painting could make a person feel cold, hot, sad, or excited, among other feelings and emotions.

It's important to note the different that many Jewish artists have made across the years, especially in visual art. People don't often make the association with some of these artists, but there have been dozens through the past decades that have had their artwork displayed in museums, taught in art classes, and hung in people's homes.

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