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Reading this report is the best 3 minutes you can spend before booking anyone!

All right, so you are having a party and you want the kids to have a great time! You want an entertainer who can help you create great memories of the party, someone who your child will remember and talk about for years to come, the special personality who will make your friends ask "where did you get them?"

I'm sure you also want someone who can hold the attention of the children so you can enjoy the show or mingle with guests. Someone who will inspire a big hug and thank you from your child. But what if you end up with someone who finally shows up 20-minutes late, looks nothing like their picture not to mention the breath, the kids make fun of him, the parents make comments like, "You should have used so-in-so, they were great" and "well, at least the kids are occupied."

I am sure you want to know who to avoid. We are in the state of opportunity and there are many children's entertainers working in the United States who shouldn't be! Being in the industry, I hear the horror stories about who is good and who is not! Why would someone be a children's entertainer and not like kids? How can companies hire high-school kids one day and send them out as a clown the next? Why do people think it is acceptable to be an hour late? These are the answers I cannot give you!

Want some answers?

Here are the proven methods to get a professional entertainer who is going to show up on time, make your party memorable and not break the bank! There is one thing you can do that will always work. I hate to tell you because it sometimes means you will chose someone other than us but I feel it is important. Ask a friend! Check with other parents to see who they have used and how they liked the show. If the answer is not fantastic, move on.

Fantastic performers are out there and you can find us. Nearly half of our business comes from referrals.

Want references? Ask for the ones for the last week or two. Everyone has a show that went well within the last year only the best can say that about every show. If they say they haven't had a show in the last month.... well, that speaks for itself! Often times customers feel bad saying anything negative about the performer and will only say good things even though they were not so great. References from the entertainer are usually pretty useless.

If you can't get a referral from a friend, use these simple steps when calling performers:

Speak to the performer who will be coming to your house (even if just for a couple of minutes)

Listen for someone who sounds like they know what they are doing. Listen for someone who sounds like they have a good personality

Chances are, if they sound like they know what they are doing and they have a good personality, they probably do.

Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if the company is listed or has complaints against them. You know not everyone calls the BBB, so if there is one complaint listed, there are 1000 not filed! Click here to search the BBB.

Get the details in writing from the company. Make sure all the information is correct. It is easy to make mistakes speaking and hearing information over the phone. You want to be sure the performer is there at the right time and right date.

Go to and and search for the company you want to check out and see how many reviews they have. If the company has no reviews it may be because the only way to get rid of bad reviews is to reset all reviews.

Brian Happie Foshee is a reputed New Jersey Entertainer. His company B Happie serves everything from Birthdays to Corporate events across the East Coast including Pennsylvania Magicians. Check out his later specials at NJ Entertainer Specials.

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