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Process for creating articles on tv episodes

All articles on tv must meet notability guidelines, which are convinced that:

A subject is presumed to become notable whether it has received significant coverage in reliable sources which can be independent of the subject.

It is very important bear this in mind when making articles, and it's also likely that every individual episode on the television series will not be notable on its own, simply since there are not enough secondary sources available. Manual of Style (authoring fiction) explains further:

When a write-up is made, the subject's real-world notability really should be established based on the general notability guideline by including independent reliable secondary sources this will likely also ensure there is enough source material for your article for being comprehensive and factually accurate.

While each episode by itself might not qualify for a short article, it really is most probably that sources are available to aid a set or season page, where each of the episodes a single season (or series) are presented on a single page. (See examples listed below). Such pages must be notable, and contain out-of-universe context, and not merely be a summary of episode titles or cast and crew: seriously isn't a directory.

With time, many times that some episodes or story-arcs have sufficient real-world information to warrant their own article. Such an episode could be broken out into its page.


* Create page for that television PROGRAM.

Once there's enough verifiable information independent of the reveal, then:

* Produce a page per series/season, or even a "Listing of episodes" page with every season/series.

Only if there is enough verifiable information from secondary sources about individual episodes, then:

* Create pages for outstanding episodes

Keep in mind that it is a basic guildeline. You are able to choose or without them.

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