printing your artwork on canvas

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First of all you need to make you mind up from all the wonderful photos you have or indeed which piece of artwork you want to create into a canvas print.
Once you have done this and if you have the right facilities to print with i.e. an inkjet printer or plotter, ink, inkjet canvas stretcher bars, staples, staple gun and canvas pliers. if you donít have this technology then it may be best to outsource your canvas prints for the time being with a printing company to start with until itís the right time for you to buy the equipment you need as they prove to be costly sometimes, anyway if you do have the right kit then all you need is a program like Photoshop to edit your image and size it to the size want canvas artwork to be then press print and let the printer do all the work, most printers have a really good outcome but one of the best would be a canon ipf6100, itís always good practise to use the proper ink for your machine to get the best outcome
Once printed then we say itís best to use stretcher bar frames to stretch around for a much needed and longer stretch,
After framed using the bars, staples and canvas pliers then all you have to do is hang and enjoy.
Itís really that simple, you may have to take your time on the first few but once you get the hang of it then it will be plain sailing.
You also what to make sure you have all you sizes set out, you would of course have to accommodate your printer as it would be no use to have a 44Ē x 34Ē to offer when your print only print up to A1 size or 32Ē x 22Ē after the stretch.
If youíre thinking of doing this as a business then it can be hard to set up but with a lot of commitment then any business is possible. Not only that but its very exciting and rewarding in the long run.
Printing can also be a passion from start to finish. Not only this you get to feel that special feeling of accomplishment and you also get the feeling of being proud when that someone first receives there canvas print and puts a priceless smile on their face.
With the right direction, funds, and experience you can make it through any business and one of the best i my own opinion would be the canvas printing option as its not just about making a hard buck you also enjoy what your doing in the process, just think of all those deep colours and exciting artwork and photos you come across, sometimes you come across so weird ones and sometimes you come across amazing landscape view which some of them are very breathtaking. It all comes with the job which is why i love mine so much.

Happy printing

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