Wedding as lifetime wellbeing investment

By: David | Posted: 23rd July 2009

Although wedding is supposed to be an expensive and elaborate affair, the love and well being of self and kin is more than a symbolic event. The husband and wife being tied in a relationship, have to find the companionship to be very enriching. One of the most important reasons of marriages not working out well is finance. The struggle to keep both ends meet tears apart the bondage so sacredly solemnized once. Weddings have been accompanied by rituals of contribution to the kitty of the new couple so that life doesn't start from a scratch despite going to a new home.

This includes the gifts from friends and family members. Since dowry is not anymore the practice, parents save for the children's future in a variety of ways which the children inherit upon reaching majority. This can be invested to find a flat to live after the wedding, rather than be wasted in the elaborateness of the wedding itself. It is sometimes scary to see people invest so much in the rituals and squander away the reserve, only to find the marriage falling apart after little time. If the wedding vows are to be considered, the oath is to be a companion to the partner for life.

Now, this requires certain discipline in behavior on the part of both the partners. The foremost being the financial well being of the other. A wedding should ensure that the life together starts in fairly a comfortable manner. The onus is to ensure the rituals without being spendthrift. For this, people have gone to the extreme to cohabit without a formal wedding. If examined, a wedding has been reduced to a formality with legal procedures forming the backbone of a marriage. The necessity to have family and friends to witness the occasion is no more there, and this is mostly a fun celebration with show off.

Coming back to wedding itself being an investment, very few today consider the wisdom of the statement. The close knit family with formalized relationship goes a long way in ensuring various insecurities the modern world is facing. It is an emancipated experience whereby one has the freedom by virtue of understanding between the partners. The synchronization nurtures many other relationships which in turn are extended source of guidance, for the children out of the wedlock. Wedding is an occasion when the groom wants his bride to look the prettiest.

Since the union is considered to be a marriage between two families, at some part of the world, one can take the clue by making both the party sit, as they do in case of arranged marriage, and sort out the various investments required for the prosperity after wedding, with contributions from both the families. Although expense is part of the deal, still it is good idea to involve people with much worldly experience. There can be technical substitutes to save expense. For example, an email giving the details of the marriage and the wedding venue can be an intimate way of inviting people in place of invitation. The bottom line is to invest in enriching the relationship, rather than the rituals.

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