Top Tips to Choose Best Garage Doors That Last For Years!

By: Francis Murphy | Posted: 18th July 2009

Garage Doors come in so many different varieties. Look into the many types available to get something that is to your convenience.
One of the most important parts of a home structure is the garage. You need one that has the right type of structure and doors so that you can safely put our car inside. There are many kinds of garage doors available. Here is a look at the different types available based on the door mechanism and type of material used in making the door.
Garage doors based on door mechanism are:
• Roller: Ideal for space crunches and short driveways, this type simply rolls up around a drum above the opening. Mostly automatic (including the locks), you don't need to step out of the car to enter the garage!
• Sectional/Overhead: Can be opened by pulling upwards, this kind is divided into large parts. It opens upward in the ceiling space.
• Swing Hung: A hinged normal door, it is not suitable for short driveways and requires space to open.
• Sliding: They slide away from the opening providing lots of space on one side.
• Up and Over/Retractable: Such doors swing outwards to open and are up parallel to the ceiling. The pivot point is located at the top.
Garage doors based on door material are:
• Wood: Roll up and tilt up doors are generally made of wood. Tilt up doors use fir, spruce and other soft wood; roll up uses oak, redwood or plywood.
• Steel: Mostly used in commercial garages and for sectional types of doors, they are easier to maintain, inexpensive, can be insulated well and can be made to look like wood!
• Aluminum: Lighter than the former, they are generally used to make roller doors.
• Vinyl: The colors don't fade with time and no dents are formed on vinyl doors.
• Other types include fiberglass, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and so on.

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