The Cash from Your Camera Illusion- Part II

By: Wayne Turner | Posted: 05th July 2009

So you've realised that many cash from your camera schemes are a bit of money making scam. Their primary function is business. They want to make money from their books. They aren't charities. But, you still want to make money from photography. Don't let me discourage you. It can be done very successfully, if, you are prepared to walk a road of commitment to the task. If you don't have a passion it won't work.

What is the way forward? Whereto now? The bottom line is that you need to develop, enhance or perfect your photographic skills. You need to find a way to learn how to take commercial images that people want to buy. So the bottom line is to research what you want to do. Discover what really turns your photographic passion on. This is the direction you want to proceed in.
Once you've found your path it's time to do a bit of research on your subject. Find out more about it through the host of websites and courses on the internet. This is the easy part. Finding the information. What area of photography you want to be involved in and the best way to learn it.

So you decided what you want to do. Great! But getting to the point of being competent is the big task at hand. Remember to forget about the word digital at this point. For all intents and purposes your digital camera is just the means to an end. It's the medium you're going to use to learn your photography. One point in favour of digital at this point is that you can speed up your learning process because you receive instant feedback on your progress. No need to wait for films to be developed.

So how do you become competent?

1. You need to get to know your camera and how it works

This is your tool to photographic success. Learn every aspect of your camera. Read your manual and get to know it intimately. All the functions serve a purpose. Now is the time to switch from automatic.

2. Start learning

If you're self-motivated then using the internet and all of the free information available is perfect for you. Otherwise there are ebooks, online tutorials and of course formal college courses. There is one problem here and that is theory is going to get you nowhere. You need to be out there doing it. So look for books and courses that have a heavy leaning towards the practical assignment. If you are not taking loads of photos you're going nowhere.

This is your key to making any money from your photography. Your creative photographic ability is what photo buyers are going see and say WOW to your images! The cash from your camera ebooks and courses are putting the cart before the horse. People will buy good photographs and lots of them. You just need to learn how to become a good photographer in order to create them.

Once you are truly competent and are regularly taking fantastic photos then the making money courses are going to payoff. Now is the time to start finding the right cash from your camera ebook. They will provide you with all the information necessary to sell your great photos. Start with photography and end with photography. The profits will come in between.

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Wayne Turner has been teaching photography for 25 years and has written three books on photography.
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