NCAA Football 10: Creating New Features

By: Robert Kibbe | Posted: 01st July 2009

The release date for NCAA Football 10 can't come soon enough, but until that day comes, it's best to spend your remaining time on advanced planning. Take a look at the new features of EA Sports' new video game, Season Showdown, and try imagining what they can do to enhance your future school team.

Procedural Awareness
Defensive backs, receivers, and even ball carriers get to benefit - or suffer - from procedural awareness. This new feature takes into account little but important things such as where the player's actually looking and how long it would take for the player to find the ball.

Adaptive AI
With Season Showdown, your gaming console or PC pays better attention to your favorite plays and actions. If, for instance, you have the habit of prioritizing your quarterback's moves then the game will automatically boost spy defenses of your QB.

Team Building
This is one of the most hyped-about new features of NCAA Football 10. Teambuilding once again grants players the opportunity to create their own school varsity team. You can even choose your own logos if you want!

Season Showdown
This feature takes team building to the next level. Be very careful when choosing which team you wish to support because your first choice shall also be your last. From thereon, everything you do will be counted for your school. If you win a match, answer the trivia challenge correctly, or get the most number of players vote for your team - all these will earn you credits for your school of choice.

Game Planning
Fickle-minded gamers will have a harder time playing NCAA Football 10 because of its enhanced game planning abilities. Now, you truly need to take the time and effort to evaluate your options and act accordingly. A last minute change might not get the results so don't make any decision until you've thought it over several times.

Enhanced Super Sim
If you have a sudden need to leave, quitting playing will subject you to a 50% loss of credits. Rather than risk that, why not let the game's sim mode take control? Taking into consideration your previous actions, you'll find yourself taking a shortcut to the end of the match and finding out if you win…or not.

The All-Important Quarterback
They're often big and tough, and they're not the kind of people you want to mess with. Quarterbacks are the backbone of your school team and EA Sports made sure that abilities of your QB are improved to gain generally better results.

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