How do I Convert iTunes to MP3?

By: sturat | Posted: 30th June 2009

DRM protected music files that you bought from the iTunes stores have got very limited playing ability. They can be listened on only designated devices and computer systems. If you want to play those files on any other computer like the one of your friend or on portable music players like MP3 players then their original format does not allow this functionality. To overcome this shortcoming or hitch you will have to convert them to universally playable formats like MP3 encoding format. There are different ways to convert these files based on the facts whether the file is DRM protected or not.

The process to convert the non-protected music file to MP3 format is quite easy. For that open the iTunes and the go to edit then preferences then advanced and then importing. Now here change the ‘Import Using' option to the MP3 encoder option and save these new settings. Now in the next step open the library and on right clicking the song that needs to be converted you will get an option Convert Selection to MP3. Choose this option and if the song is not DRM protected then you will get the song converted to MP3.

If the song is protected then first you should burn or write the songs as an Audio CD. Make sure it is not a data CD. Now open this Audio CD with the iTunes and then queue these songs in the library. Now right click the songs that you want to convert and then again click on the option of Convert Selection to MP3. Your song will be converted to the MP3. Now if the songs that you need to convert are very large in number then you can make the use of Virtual CD drive so that you do not have to burn or write the many compact discs.

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