How can I Watch TV Online?

By: sturat | Posted: 30th June 2009

With the advent of internet and free availability of the data, the availability of the TV content has also broadened and is not only restricted to the cable television. Most of the data or TV content is available free of cost and without any kind of registration on the internet. The quality of the picture or the number of channels will depend on the quality of the service provider. The most easy and popular way is the use of in-line browser for displaying the video and audio through online buffering. It requires you to install the video and audio codec's and you would get the message on the website itself about what kind of codec's are needed.

Another option is to download the video or audio file to your computer and play it whenever you feel like watching it. These files will be available in the different formats and each format will have different file size and quality. Files with lesser sizes most of the times will be of inferior quality. So you can choose according to your requirements. Some of the service providers will provide you the software that is to be downloaded and installed for viewing the TV. Now the service provider might live stream the show with a slight time lag from the original one or can also record it and air it on a later date and time. For such shows, online menus are available and would be available for viewing on request also.

For online viewing the bandwidth required is quite large, as for live streaming the data that will be transferred is quite large and would require good internet speed. For slower connections you will have to buffer the content before watching. Therefore, it is always better to go for cable or DSL connections. Sometimes when the programs are transmitted from the remote or third world countries where the network speeds are not good then also the viewing experience could be erratic.

Most the times it is illegal to display or broadcast such content so before displaying consult the legal authorities. As nobody is responsible or liable for online transmissions so the programs might stop abruptly or restart. In addition, the video and audio capabilities and the processor speed of your computer should be up to date for online viewing. Some of the free online TV service providers are FreeTube, PeekVid and Hiveproductions

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