Do you have a neon clock in your home?

By: Brayan Peter | Posted: 29th June 2009

Neon ClockNeon clocks are clocks that can add great decoration to your room. Neon clocks are very attractive with their eye-catching brightness of neon. They can ornament specific wall of your home. The use of inert gas, colored glass, and fluorescent coating imparts bright and richly saturated colors. Neon and a mixture of argon and mercury used in the neon clocks emit a characteristic color when the electricity is applied.

Neon clocks are well suited for indoor use and can be placed almost anywhere in your home or business place. But be sure to locate your neon clock away from your TV or radio as neon clocks can cause interference with electronic equipments. Neon clocks are designed either to be fixed on a wall, or hang from the ceiling, or stand on a table or shelf.

The different neon clocks available are standard design neon clocks, external message advertising neon clocks, neon clocks with licensed logos and images, and custom designed neon clocks. Custom designed neon clocks are very much appreciated because you can buy personalized neon clocks to your specifications. When you buy custom neon clocks, you can personalize your clock by adding some text or picture on the face plate, such as your name, family name, or picture of your hobby, interest or sport.

Neon clocks can be used as residential/home clocks, restaurant clocks, business clocks, industrial clocks, advertising clocks, advertising wall clocks, factory clocks, commercial clocks, logo clocks, logo wall clocks, car clocks, theme clocks, etc.

The neon clocks are available in lots of designs, sizes, themes, and shapes. Neon clocks can serve as great gifts for your beloved ones as there are wide options of neon clocks to choose from. Neon clocks are available in a wide range of cost. The cost of the neon clocks depends upon the time taken to manufacture them and the cost of materials used in them. You can get quality neon clocks at affordable prices. Neon clocks may be bit expensive. But the cost of running a neon clock is inexpensive, and it requires little or no maintenance cost. But you have to change light bulbs of your neon clock regularly.

You should be careful in buying good neon clocks because you can be fooled by cheap neon clocks that use inferior neon. Cheap unlicensed neon clocks can give you nothing but problems. So it is better to buy your neon clock only from reliable retailers who offer licensed neon products.

You can use dry soft cloth or feather duster to clean your neon clock. Do not use water or cleaning solution to clean neon clock. Be sure to unplug or turn off the neon clock while handling and cleaning it. The neon clocks are safe as long as the tube particularly argon-mercury tube used in the clock is not broken. In case your neon clock gets damaged to a certain extent, you can get it repaired. Improper handling of the neon clocks may be unsafe to you and the environment.

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