Father’s Day Gifts that Say “I Love You”

By: henryjun09 | Posted: 18th June 2009

There are many types of gifts that can be given for Father's Day. Different gifts also can convey different feelings or messages. Depending on the relationship between the gift giver and the recipient, a gift can say a lot. Gifts that were picked out to say "thank you" can differ from gifts that are picked out that say "I miss you". A special gift that says "I love you" is one that was picked out with the recipient's needs or interests in mind. The amount of thought and care taken to find the perfect gift to give on father's day will be evident when he opens the gift.

When you choose a gift for your father or grandfather for Father's Day, think about their favorite hobbies and pastimes. The fact that you remembered this special holiday and took the time to find a great gift speaks volumes about how you feel about them. It is also a great way to say "I love you."

It does not necessarily take a lot of money to find a heartfelt gift, but it does take some planning and perhaps a bit of research as well. As mentioned before, take some time and find out what your father or grandfather's likes and dislikes are. If this is 5too broad, or too difficult to determine, the following are some suggestions.

For the Golf Lover

Does your father spend every Saturday (and any other chance he can get) on the golf course? If so, try one of these suggestions.

• Personalized golf polo: A comfortable polo shirt with his initials or name on the chest will make him look like a golf pro on the greens this season.

• A frame for his best golf photo: Has the dad in your life golfed a special game? Is there a photo of him after his triumph or him and his team after their triumph? A golf-themed frame to place that photo in will be a special gift.

• Personalized golf balls: Golf balls with your father's last name or initials on them are personal gifts that he will appreciate (unless of course someone finds one buried in a sand trap and teases your dad in the clubhouse about it!)

For the Gardener

Is there dirt under your father's fingernails most of the time? Is he known for his perfectly landscaped front yard or the juicy tomatoes he grows each summer? If so, one of these suggestions may be the perfect gift this Father's Day.

• Personalized Garden Stone: A garden stone that has been personalized with children's handprints, the words "World's Best Dad" or "World's Best Gardener" or an American flag (perfect for those who served in the armed forces) shows that you put a little extra time and effort into selecting this gift.

• Personalized Garden Stake: "Dad's Garden" or "Joe's Veggie Patch" or whatever other wording you find appropriate will add that special touch to an already thoughtful gift. A personalized garden stake is another choice for a father who likes to garden.

For the Entertainer

Does your father have a revolving front door from all of the entertaining he does? Is he knows as the host of the neighborhood? Here are a few suggestions to for his gatherings.

• Family "estate" wine glasses or decanter: A label that is created with your father's name so it looks as if your father has his own winery is a thoughtful, personal gift that will impress those he entertains.

• Beverage tub - A galvanized beverage tub engraved with your father's last name or his initials will hold ice to keep his favorite beverages cold. Stick a couple of your dad's favorite six packs, sodas or bottles of wine in it to really make it personal and say "I love you."

For the Grill Master

Is your father the master of the grill? Does he believe no one but he can cook a steak exactly right? The following gifts are for a father who loves to grill.

• A Pepper mill: Dad will look like a real professional cook when he seasons thick steaks or juicy pork chops on the grill using a pepper mill filled with peppercorns that he grinds freshly onto the meat.

• A grill apron: "King of the Grill" or "Worlds Best Dad" or some other saying on the grill master's own personal apron will let everyone know dad's the one who is manning the grill.

For the Dad of Little Ones

Anything that a little guy or girl gives daddy says "I love you." Still, you may need a few suggestions. Try these.

• A family stepping stone - A stepping stone with cartoons representing each member of the family with their names or just dad and his kids can be placed in the garden or on a walkway.

• "I Love Daddy" photo collage - A mat is cut into the words "I Love Daddy" (with the word love represented by a heart) and photos of the little ones are framed by the words. Now there's a gift that literally tells dad he is loved.

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