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By: fleminglarson | Posted: 17th June 2009

“Blogs” is the short form for “weblogs”. A blogger is a person who writes his or her remarks about events and incidents occurring in and around the world. There are different columnists who also opt to scribble on blogs about different themes, like a newspaper columnist without any specialized training. There are many well-known columnists who air their opinions on blogs.
Blogs, for some can be merely a diary or journal with notes and comments on everyday life. While blogs can also be a good platform for exchange of views. Blogs can be used to make political statements, promote products, provide research information, and give tutorials. If there's a subject that interests you, there's a good chance someone's writing a blog about it.
Everyone's jumping on the blogging bandwagon. Blogs written by politicians, musicians, novelists, sports figures, newscasters and other notable figures have been spotted. Anyone who makes a controversial statement had best be well prepared to back it up. There are also those types of blogs that are politically motivated and attempt to offer a conservative voice, believing that many mainstream media sources show a liberal bias. There are left-leaning blogs as well. The authors of these web logs are able to give information to the public without sugar coating, without being especially objective, and without worrying about politically correct niceties. In other cases, there are types of blogs may not be partisan at all but simply want to offer the public other options for obtaining news. Blogs are not limited by column space. Stories in blogs carry links for more details and readers can visit that page for more details. is a blogsite with blogs on the current political system in the US. It covers a wide spectrum of current political happenings. It invites opinionated comments and views about the recent developments in the political circles of the country. The news updates are quite debatable as they are all about the latest policies being adopted by the liberals. All the news is very well categorized under various headings like, American Politics, American Society, Barrack Obama, Education, Homeland Security, U.S. Military, Terrorism, etc.
Is Obama a radical?
Is Obama an American citizen?
Obama’s heredity is out on show….
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