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Mederma is a cream medication that is available in most pharmacies. Mederma softens the appearance of scar tissue. Aloe Vera gels work to regenerate the skin tissue. Stretch mark prevention will save you the trouble of getting rid of stretch marks once they've occurred.

Stretch marks occur because the collagen and elastin that bind your skin are stressed during weight gain, resulting in tears in your skin's elastic fibers. Typically, on light-skinned women, stretch marks will appear red or pinkish.

Darker-skinned women will notice that their stretch marks are lighter than the surrounding skin. Use other creams if you prefer. Maintain healthy hydrated skin by drinking plenty of water. Hydrated skin remains soft, supple, and less likely to develop stretch marks.

Acne sufferers would love to treat acne scars. Some people suffer from scars from an acne outbreak. There are many acne medications and scar removal products available. The scars can be treated and the pain can end.

The type and severity of the scars determines your treatments. Mild acne scars can be treated with a few home remedies and procedures. Aloe Vera gels work to regenerate the skin tissue. If you are affected by the appearance of stretch marks, a top of the line stretch mark removal cream is the answer to your problem.

There were a couple of creams that helped minimally but there was nothing on the market that could do what today's stretch mark removal creams can do.

Of course, if your stretch marks do not bother you in the least, stretch mark removal cream in unnecessary. There are many popular stretch mark removal and prevention creams on the market today.

Some of the best known are TriLASTIN-SR by EC Research, StriVectin-SD Intensive Repair by Klein-Becker USA, Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention by Revitol, Barmon's Stretch Mark Cream by Barmon Inc., Bio-Oil by Union Swiss, and Mederma by Merz Pharmaceuticals. Today's stretch mark removal creams offer results unmatched by previous treatments.

No doubt the severity of the scars will determine what degree of treatment is required. At home, chemical peels can help a lot in diminishing some scarring especially by using Retinol or alpha hydroxyl lotions or creams.

There are other products which one can try like Mederma or Rosehip seed oil which is said to be mild and is a great scar reducing agent. Aloe Vera juice and gels and lavender oils are also said to work well on reducing scars.

There are also other forms of acne scar removal cream which contain an acid known as Alpha Hydroxy and which is abrasive and removes the top layer of a person skin. However none of these products should be applied to a person's skin until after the acne has completely healed. One of the best known of the acne scar removal creams available today is Mederma. How effective is this product in fading acne scars and improving their overall appearance?

One issue that you may worry about it whether Mederma will help old scars as well as new. The product works on fading both types of scars but as you'd expect the longer you have had the scar the longer it will take to lighten and fade.
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