Try 'A Child is Missing' if You Need to Find People

By: Elena Tentser | Posted: 05th June 2009

The new nationwide alert program, A Child is Missing, uses the not-so-new technology of the Reverse 911 system, also known as the Amber Alert, to find people who have gone missing. Although initially used to locate missing children, the service quickly expanded to include all other types of at-risk adult population, including the elderly with Alzheimer's, college students, women, etc. Yet, A Child is Missing didn't change its name, perhaps because of the urgency it conveys, given the strong reaction the concept of child endangerment elicits from our society.

A Child is Missing is a free service headquartered in Florida, and its process is really fast and no-nonsense. The first step toward finding a missing person is to call 911, because only law enforcement representatives are authorized to kick the process into high gear. In case of an actual abduction, every wasted minute makes a difference, so the computer maps out and immediately notifies every resident and business within a minute's distance from the area where the person disappeared. True to its name, the Amber Alert alerts all media, puts up road announcements, and makes direct phone calls to inform the locals.

Law enforcement also uses this service to inform residents whenever a child predator moves into their area. Since its recent commencement, A Child is Missing has helped to find people in almost 500 cases.

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