What is Ballroom Dancing ?

By: Jennifer Scott | Posted: 29th May 2009

Ballroom dance is usually a group of partner dances. This form of dancing originally came from Germany and is now something that is enjoyed both by many people. Today, ballroom dancing is practised both socially and competitively around the globe. The various elements of ballroom dancing are also visible on stage, film, television.

The term "ballroom dancing" comes from the word ‘ball', which originally comes from the Latin word ‘ballare'. ‘Ballare' can be roughly translated as "to dance". In the days of old, ballroom dancing was something that was only enjoyed by the privileged classes, while "folk dancing" was practised by the lower classes. These distinctions have now become archaic, and ballroom dancing is now enjoyed by people all around the world, regardless of their economic and social background.

Regardless of your background, ballroom dancing is usually practised in a very formal environment with an emphasis on etiquette and formality. This means that while ballroom dancing can be highly passionate and exhilarating, there are also several important rules you must know in order to be able to be a good ballroom dancer. In this sense, ballroom dancing is not quite as ‘free' form as other forms of dance.

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