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By: Alberto Maeses | Posted: 07th May 2009

A survey or quiz is one of the easiest ways to determine what another person believes. And it is better yet when you can use a fun survey or quiz to send to your friends!

The questions allow you the opportunity to really reflect on what you think and feel. And if you are not afraid to be genuine, it is a keen way to share those thoughts and emotions with friends and family.

When you link up with people on social networking places, you look at their lists or ask them questions to try to discover more about them. More funny for all, though, is to go through a survey or quiz and compare answers.

Most your friends don't find it simple to just list away their likes and dislikes on the spot. Besides, a list like that is often boring anyway.

Have you ever questioned how many albino parakeets you would need to fly you a kilometer? Or how many zombies you could beat in a battle? You can find out with a fun quiz!

What movie, video game, cartoon, comic book, song, or mythological creature might are you? A quick quiz will tell you - and then you can challenge others to find out for themselves!

Maybe you have always known just what type of supervillian (or superhero!) you would be. Share it with your friends and the universe with merely a couple of clicks of your mouse.

Even if you can't discover that perfect quiz to share with your friends, you can create your own! Ridiculous, strange, real or not, there is no real end to what you can explore.

Whether you desire to get to know your friends (or yourself) better, or merely want a funny way to spend some time, nothing is like a funny survey to get your ideas flowing and put a smile on your face.

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