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By: thomuspit | Posted: 18th May 2020

As we bid adieu to the summer season, major online shopping websites are showcasing new range of premium sunglasses and discounting the old range of summer shades for increasing the consumer's collection. We hate to part away from summers as we can have bright sunny day alongside a beach wearing colorful and stylish sunglasses, or have a fun-filled pool party with friends flaunting our chic styled Ray Ban sunglasses for women and grab maximum attention.

End of summer season does not end the season to flaunt one’s style in sunglasses. Sunglasses are an integral part of a person’s daily wear even in winter. Continued threat of UV radiation in addition to the cold harsh breeze, there are many reasons for us to keep our eyes shaded. Shopping for premium sunglasses online India is growing, and therefore larger variety is being made available and consumers are happy, as they do not have to go in person to various retail shops looking for one particular product and just click and get the same delivered.

Latest Trendsetting Sunglasses are:

1) Ray Ban Sunglasses for Women- Wayfarer
2) Tom Ford Sunglasses for Men- Aviators
3) Hugo Boss Sunglasses for Men- Hybrids
4) Carrera Sunglasses for Women- Round Shaped Fames
5) Gucci Sunglasses for Men- D shapes frames
6) Gentle Monster Sunglasses for both Men and Women- Classic shape with bold styling Frames
7) Mau Jim Sunglasses for both Men and Women – Rectangular shape Frames
8) Oliver Peoples Sunglasses for Women- Vintage Collection

As the scorching heat is nearly ending, its time to start new trends and style oneself in a new pair of sunglasses. Suble, classy, elegant designs that showcases luxury are the new trendsetting classic designs for the season. Metallic, embellishments, plain white frames, all are well defined and showcased online for the consumers. Having versatility in one’s daily look is an essential, and therefore a consumer needs large variety, good brand and rates worthwhile for the brand and their pockets. The colors for the season include rich black, warm caramel reminiscent of the soft sand, and turquoise for showcasing a bolder look.

The most trending sunglasses and having high sales online are Ray Ban Sunglasses for Women. Women are really liking the Wayfarer Sunglasses this season, and are liking to own that look. Wayfarer Sunglasses come in various colors, and because it became so popular in a very short time Ray Ban gave the iconic wayfarer a rugged makeover and layered it with denim. It is a unique pair of sunglasses and completes an individual’s look with an edge of a difference. The Sunglasses are handmade in Italy, and are available in two shades- black and blue.

Many people still like to have a casual look and like to follow the Vintage collection of sunglasses and not experiment much. Ray Ban Sunglasses for Women has a diverse range, from trendy wayfarer to vintage styled sunglasses. The classic example for vintage styled sunglasses by Ray Ban are the ‘Round Metal’ shaped sunglasses, with circular lenses and detailed metal filigree very well proportioned to fit. It is available in various color options- Timeless gold (grey green) lenses, Vibrant pop color mirrored lenses (polarized frames). A new range of round metal foldable version has also been introduced which neatly folds down into a smaller leather pouch for easy handling, storage and transport.

The best buying brands online for premium sunglasses in India are Ray Ban, Carrera, Mau Jim, Gucci, Prada, Versace and Emporio Armani.

The best buying brands online for premium sunglasses in India, Ray Ban Sunglasses for Women, Carrera, Mau Jim, Gucci, Prada, Versace and Emporio Armani.
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