Strong remote control jammer for sales.

By: Eva | Posted: 18th May 2020

Strong remote control jammer for sales.
Standard remote controls of all kinds use three main frequency bands – 315MHz, 433MHz and 868MHz.Those are all remote controls which we use every day of our life, including remotes from TV, air conditioners, garage doors, car locks, toy cars and planes which our kids play in the yard, and many more. All those electronic devices are remotely controlled with the help of one of those three remote control frequency bands.Our remote control jammers from this category – car remote jammers – may be used to make any of those remote controls useless. While this application of our devices might seem only for fun, they have far more serious implementation as well.
Remotely controlled robots,Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and other surveillance drones operated by humans with the help of remote controls are getting very popular these days. Due to the high price of the professional surveillance drones like quadrocopters many enthusiasts are trying to make their own, cheap but working prototypes of spying robots for personal usage. And those robots work quite well! So you can choose a jammer for any type of robot in this category as well.
There are flying, ground driving, jumping, wall climbing models and even those which might be thrown into your house by the person that controls it and only then it will be used as the driving surveillance drone. Those things have great potential for intelligence agencies and the only way you can quietly and effectively stop them is to break connections between drones and their remote controls with the help of our remote control jammers.
By the way, if you are the person who is trying to avoid being spied by the government, surveillance drones are not the only things you should be aware of. For example, there are CCTV cameras on many streets of dozens or maybe even hundreds of cities in the USA and other countries of the world. In order to have a nice protection against low frequency surveillance you need to use UHF/VHF Jammers which are the only kind of devices able to deal with the problem.More information,pls visit our website, or
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