Cell phone blocker or jammer, for avoiding inopportune phone calls

By: Eva | Posted: 08th May 2020

Cell phone blocker or jammer, for avoiding inopportune phone calls
In today’s world communications using mobile devices are very common and important for us in our daily life and there are some countries where the number of cell phone more than person,some people have two or more mobile devices.This is encouraging news;however,at the same time,it has been noticed on more than just a few occasions that Blackberry, Samsung, iPhone, and any other brand that makes the very useful smart phones have created an enormous dependency in the people that use them.It is also probable that in the middle of an important conversation,perhaps during a meal in a restaurant or even at home with your partner,an inopportune phone call has ruined your plans.Therefore,the big question is:How can we avoid these annoying interruptions? It’s quite clear that eliminating use of our mobile devices is not an option,so a interesting idea could be the use of a portable cell phone blocker,also known as a jammer for cell phones.This ingenious technology, which employs a modern process technique for signals,interferes with the connection between the wireless and the tower,with which it is in continuous communication. The neutralizers work by emitting low frequency radio waves that block cellular communications from different ranges, depending on the potency of the cell phone blocker and the geographical location within the cellular network. For example, when we meet in places like restaurants or homes, there are small jammers or portable cell blockers, with a maximum balance of 5 meters. While connecting them, these neutralizers cause the phones to completely lose their connection to the tower; depending on the phone type and its technology,a discouraging message “not in service” or “no network” will appear on the screen,or even better:the screen will stay the same; however,this phone will not be able to either emit or receive any communications or text messages within the working area of the portable cell blocker (5-100meters). Also, all incoming calls will go directly to voice mail, as though the phone had gone out of area. These cell blockers or jammers will let you continue your meeting without external annoyances from unwanted phone calls.If you’d like to know more about the cell blockers, also known as cell jammers, contact us. We have the best technology and prices for acquiring a cell blocker, also known as a cell jammer.
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