i am sales of ShenZhen Necom Telecom Technologies Co,.ltd,we have export the jammer for many years.A

By: Eva | Posted: 30th April 2020

The Brief Description of Newest 16 Antennas Jammer
Exclusive new Jammers in the market can protect people and vehicles from bombs and explosive devices that are operated by remote control,also can help us to block the GPS signals,once the jammer is turn on,the GPS receiver canít work anymore,More and more Cell phone Apps coming out,it will have various cell phone noisy problem.How to solve this mobile phone noisy problems?How to keep our lives more comfortable and without noisy?How to let the GPS receiver stop working?How to reduce the threat for Bombs?For these situations,technology is being employed to make the people and world a safer place,without cell phone noisy problems.A newest signal jammer with 16 bands can help you.
One of our the best desktop models with 16 antennas and range up to 50m that jamming all Low bands 130-500Mhz , all types of Android phones,Tablets, Smart Phones, Iphone,VHF,UHF, GPS and remote control signals from various devices such as RC cars, RC boats,alarms, wireless sensors,bombs device operated by remote control,amateur or professional remotely controlled toys, etc.All 16 Frequency modules we can mix very flexible,each of 16 frequency module/band is separate and adjustable one by one for inside switch.The newest jammer with 16 antennas are small enough to be mounted in a vehicle and can be used while in motion for car chargers,also can charing by AC adapters,itís convenient for us to use the jammer in Car or at stationary places.jamming Range Radius 10~50 meters(-75dBm@Omnidirectional antennas).The jamming distance will be varied depending on the signal strength and location.The jammer with excellent cooling system with cooling fans,the jammer can work without time limit to continue working.
A signal Jammer 16 band is capable of saving lives and preventing damage to vehicles and buildings and let people leaving the noisy from cell phones.Although the jammer is sensitive products.While its use is strictly regulated, those who have need of it, and are approved for its use, will find it is money well spent. You can find more information by visiting www.jammerking.com. or www.necom-telecom.com.Any combinations and customization of frequencies are possible, so just send us your inquiry and we will give you our recommendation for you anytime.Skype:necomsales02.
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