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By: Allie Martin | Posted: 01st November 2017

As the rapid evolution in information technology has changed our communications ways, it also has an impact on social behaviors across multiple devices. It enlightens what interacting tool people are using to disseminate information and what is the most used channel of communication. Long studies have been conducted to determine ratios of mobile and desktop users in several countries, including Dubai. With increasing time, mobile users have greatly jumped over desktop users, but in Dubai, uses of both devices are really close and competing well.

First, we need to determine how people use mobile (smart-phone, androids, tablets, windows phone or ipad) and desktop (laptop and monitor screens) during a day. Even though you are living in a flourishing society which is overflowed with users and other online activities, but there is also a large community of desktop users who are excessively dependent on their screens for performing various tasks. The timings of desktop users are mostly between 9 am to 5 pm; these are usually office timings, where hundreds of desktops are active to perform multiple tasks. One of the greatest consumption is in offices, departments, every government organization, private sector organization, educational sectors, hospitals, shopping stores etc. Dubai is also an international country which has diversified range in office buildings, resorts, hotels, organization etc which have extensive users.

If we compare mobile device with desktop, the process of sharing and socializing is highly frequent and speedy among mobile devices. A message can be easily and speedily share with a list in almost no time. Similarly, video contents, audio and images are transferred or sent from one device to another on regular hourly basis. With smart-phone, people of Dubai find it more feasible to maintain relations and get socialize with their friends by sharing images and other instructions on dominant social interaction websites like Facebook and Twitter. Though, Pinterest is also in the race to give tough competition in view to share inspirational images, recipes, arts, tips and creative ideas. Real news updates and latest happening is often seen most on advancements such as smart-phones, android and IOS. Twitter greatly helps in this regard to keep users updated and informed by instant notifications.

The above discussed points describe that people are more comfortable to enjoy social interactions through their mobile, which establishes comforting relations and moods of entertainment. People often click shots from their phones and quickly upload it through their handy technology on social media pages, mobile devices are excessively used for uploading visuals and other contents. Now, any celebration day is easily shared with every follower or friend on social media, just because of modern technology. But, desktop is an important use of employees and employers where every transaction or information is updated through monitor screens and all other tools failed to support the process in this regard. There is still a vast group of desktop users in Dubai, who are dependent on the use of laptops only for continuous 15 hours.

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