Dorms In Hong Kong Among New Accommodation, As Visitor Arrivals Grow 2.8% Jan-June 2015

By: Gsmyth | Posted: 01st November 2017

With new accommodation opening up in Hong Kong, even new off-campus student housing for those at study in ‘Asia’s World City’, visitor arrivals from January to June 2015 reached 29,327,240 registering a 2.8 per cent growth over the same period of 2014.

Figures from the Hong Kong Tourism Board showed that of total arrivals for the six month period mainland China, which is the biggest source market for visitors to Hong Kong, accounted for 22,846,524 arrivals. This made for a 4.7 per cent increase over the 21,822,829 visitors seen from the mainland in January to June of 2014.

The countries that Hong Kong groups under Short Haul Markets - Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand - collectively produced 3,934,699 arrivals for the period, representing a 4.4 per cent drop over the same 2014 period. The only individual markets among these to show growth were South Korea (up 6.2 per cent to 648,452 arrivals) and the Philippines (up 4 per cent to 333,745 arrivals).

The highest drop was posted by Indonesia (down 23.3 per cent to 193,745 arrivals), while Singapore posted a 16.6 per cent drop to 308,035 arrivals.

The Long Haul Markets of USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Australia collectively dropped as well, by 1.2 per cent to 2,097,848 arrivals. The markets showing growth were USA (up 4 per cent to 583,412 arrivals), Canada (up 1.9 per cent to 177,904 arrivals) and the United Kingdom (up 0.1 per cent to 264,226 arrivals).

The New Markets of India, GCC Markets (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates), Russia, the Netherlands and Vietnam collectively posted a drop of 3.8 per cent during January to June, recording 448,169 arrivals. The only individual market to post growth was India (up 6.2 per cent to 276,387 arrivals). Russia recorded the biggest decline (down 24.6 per cent to 83,607 arrivals), while the GCC Markets declined 12.5 per cent to 18,501 arrivals.

Figures for the month of June 2015 totaled 4,361,228 arrivals, down 2.9 per cent compared to June 2014. Mainland China accounted for 3,333,433 of this figure, representing a 1.8 per cent drop.

The Short Haul Markets collectively dropped 9.3 per cent for the month to 638,270. The only individual market to show growth was the Philippines (up 4.2 per cent to 54,602). South Korea posted the highest decline (down 28.3 per cent to 68,975) while Indonesia posted a 17.5 per cent drop to 37,896 arrivals.

The Long Haul Markets collectively dropped 0.6 per cent for the month to 309,605 arrivals. The individual markets showing growth were Canada (up 2.1 per cent to 23,006) and the United Kingdom (up 0.9 per cent to 31,601).

The New Markets collectively dropped 3.1 per cent for the month to 79,920. The only individual market producing a growth in arrivals was Vietnam (up 24.2 per cent to 7,072). The GCC Markets posted the biggest drop (down 31.8 per cent to 2,352) while Russia declined 14.9 per cent to 9,590.

In terms of hotel room occupancy, for the period January to June 2015 this was recorded at 85 per cent, down 4 per cent over the same period of 2014 (89 per cent). For the month of June 2015 the figure was 83 per cent, down 6 per cent on June 2014’s 89 per cent.

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