What is IPS Panel in LED TV

By: bloomworld | Posted: 06th February 2017

What is IPS Panel in LED TV

It is usual in conventional LED TV that whenever you try to watch from different angle, display images change their colors and effect

like you are watching images in negative. To overcome this technical flaw, the IPS technology has been introduced. IPS panel or In

Plane switching panels are designed in LED Tv for wide view angle, where you can watch images from any angle without the drift in

colors and effects.

Lets go ahead and have a better insight of the IPS technology in LED TV.

History and Technology

This technology was first introduced in 1996 to provide better color resolution and wide angle for viewing. Technically, as compared

to the VA mode (vertical alignment) available in LCD TV, the crystal molecules moves in a parallel direction instead of perpendicular

direction which results in wide view angle and good color display.

Let us now look at the identification of the IPS Panel and its benefits:

How to identify IPS panel

In order to identify whether the LED TV has IPS panel we can check the following:

Ripple effect:

This is the most common difference in VA screen and IPS Panel. The IPS Panel has a hard screen and when touched does not give ripples

effect on the screen.

Pixel arrangement:

If you carry a magnifier, then you can see that the IPS panel has pixels arranged in the fish scales shapes as compared to boxed

arrangement in other types of the panels.

Now lets have a look at its benefits over other panels

Benefits of IPS panels

Color resolution:

This is the primary reason for the invention of this technology. Due to its arrangement, it gives a better color resolution

Viewing angle:

Of course, this is what they are designed for. To give true images from whatever possible angle you view.

Hard screen:

The screen of the IPS panel is hard and does not break easily. And even if it breaks it does not give a color leaked effect and is

best while cleaning or handling with children.

Environment friendly:

The IPS panel generates very less heat as compared to other panels which means less power consumption and more environment friendly.

Response time:

IPS Panels gives you a better response time which means blur free images.

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