Why Should You Eat in The Best Japanese restaurant in Jakarta, Ippudo?

By: irvan | Posted: 06th February 2017

There are many kinds of Japanese food in Jakarta. Most of the Japanese restaurants offer sushi to be the main food menu sold. Ippudo being the best Japanese restaurant in Jakarta has proffered different food menus. Ramen is being the main food menu in this restaurant. In addition to the tasty ramen, this restaurant also proposes some advantages.

Ramen with No Preservative and Thick Dressing

When talking about ramen, it gets so special because it is made with the original recipe from Kawahara, the founder and owner of Ippudo international restaurants. Another advantage of this ramen is without preservative so that it gets healthier for the body health. Moreover, the taste of ramen tends to be original and natural because it is made naturally and healthily. The making process of ramen noodles is done in the special room in the restaurant.

Several Kinds of Japanese Food

Ramen absolutely becomes the most popular food menu in the best Japanese restaurant in Jakarta, Ippudo. For those who do not like so much eating ramen, they can transfer the option to the other kinds of delicious Japanese food. There are various types of Japanese food offered in Ippudo. Those include seared salmon roll with mentaiko, teppan tonkotsu spicy rice with nikumiso, pork bun, and bakuretsu tofu. Seared salmon roll if often called to be salmon sushi with the taste of outside and baked aroma of salmon without fishy smell. Meanwhile, bakurestu tofu has an appearance like Tom Yam. But, it is fairly different from it. The filling of bakuretsu is crunchy noodles mixed by tofu and spicy dressing. Those foods must be tasted.

The Amazing Restaurant Concept

Your eating activity is getting more pleasant and enthusiastic with the amazing restaurant concept. For the concept of the best Japanese restaurant in Jakarta, it is very impressing and not random. The concept is from Japan. The founder of restaurant has taken beautiful and elegant theme with Japanese touch for restaurant interior design. All restaurant rooms are dominated by red, white, and black colors. Then, the rooms are divided into some parts. The first area is bar in which you can see directly chefs making ordered ramen from costumers. The middle room area is consisted sharing table with round table and shorter chairs. The last room is semi VIP and VIP for the costumers requiring private rooms to enjoy the delicious ramen. It is perfectly comfortable and wonderful restaurant to spend your leisure time by eating Japanese food.
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