Stunt Driving - not just for stunt drivers - also for parties & corporate team building.

By: tom nealson | Posted: 06th February 2017

Stunt Driving for The Big Party
When many people plan events for their "Big Party" they usually plan for dinner, drinks, and maybe dancing later. How boring. There is a new "outside the box idea' that people are doing for their parties. It's stunt driving. Whether it is your basic wedding party, or a bachelor party, or a bachelorette party, or even just a birthday party; people are trying new things and new ideas. The simple idea of drinking for the sake of drinking is pretty boring. Dinner or lunch is a given. But driving over 100 miles an hour LEGALLY is mind blowing. Learning how to do some stunt moves that Hollywood movie stunt drivers do is incredible.

So, what are you doing? Well, you're not driving into flames or flipping your car up-side down but you are doing stunt maneuvers and driving very fast and it's breathtaking. As I was writing this article, I called Mike Burke from Drivers East (one of the biggest and most experienced stunt driving schools in the nation). He told me, "Everyone leaves with a smile on their face, real knowledge and practical application of what they have learned. Plus memories that will last a lifetime."

Mike also wanted me to add what one of their party goers said to him in an email, "Thanks for the private party stunt driving day. This was one of the best parties I think I have ever been a part of. We were wondering what to do for my brother's bachelor party. My cousin knew about you and told us it would be fun. Boy was he right. I think the day we spent with you guys at Drivers East and the dinner later that night will be etched in our minds forever."

This is amazing to me as I write this. The idea of the basic party has been thrown out the window. People are now sky diving, swimming with sharks, and now stunt driving. Imagine this fifty years ago let alone twenty five years ago. Our parents would never do this and their parents couldn't even think of this. But it's here, it's fun, and it's happening now.

Corporate Team Building
Just as parties are getting more and more interesting, so is corporate team building. The way in which companies are creating their team building is changing. Years ago companies would gather their employees in an office and go through exercises created to help build a better team of employees. Those exercises were usually boring and did very little to help. That day is gone. Today companies are taking their employees out for hiking, mountain climbing, and taking a stunt driving course. Yes, believe it or not, stunt driving classes.

This is fast becoming another one of those "outside the box ideas" that more people are doing. It's very exciting and leaves a great impression on the team taking the course. Drivers East Stunt Driving School offers corporate events and corporate groups for company staff, team, or management. This has been a huge asset and advantage for many businesses. A business that utilizes many tools and techniques to stay ahead, truly stays above the pack.

Experienced driving instructors combine driving theory to safely slide cars in a controlled safe environment. They work closely with each person to customize a Team Building program to meet objectives, team development goals, and desired level of involvement.

So you're basically building better relationships and better collaboration in the workplace.

Drivers East is one of the best places to go for any stunt driving course. They are located in New Jersey.
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