Toyo Open Countryconversion chart

By: Nitin Atri | Posted: 04th December 2016

Toyo Open Countryconversion chart
Whenever you are out shopping for your Toyo Open Countrytires there are certain things that are important to look at before you go for the prices. The brand is always the first thing you should consider. There are different brands of tires in the market today hence it is recommended for one to go for the ones that are a product of a reputable company. Make sure you know the brand very well since there are counterfeits in the market today that sell at very cheap prices. The next thing you need to consider is the size of the tire you need. Since there are different sizes you should be well aware of the size that fits your car so that you don't end up with absurd sizes of Toyo Open Country Vancouvertires for your car.
Thereare many ways you can get the size of the Toyo Open Country Canada tire. Here we are going to focus using the tire conversion chart. The tire conversion chart uses three different systems. The best thing you can do is first understand the three systems. Analyze the one that seems easy for you then and that is the one that you should go for. The first system is the inch system which is well known from the tire readings like the 5.00-1.6 or 4.50/S/18. There is the alphanumeric system which gives the description of the tires inform of MT 90-16 MJ90-19. Metric system is the third method of tire size conversion chart and is easy to read, Metric system uses this format 130/19-16.
When reading these Toyo Open Country Canada chart conversion methods you should be able to understand the following aspects. The last number describes the rim size which is equal to the inner diameter of the tire. Before the last number there is either a dash or an alphabetic later like S H or V. This represents the speed range of the tire. S tires are admissible to speeds of up to 112 MPH, H tires are admissible to speeds of up to 130 MPH while Toyo Open Country Vancouver tires are admissible to speeds of up to 150 MPH and up.
The series like series 80 represents the proportion of height and width which means the tires height is smaller than the width. This is common for many tires; it is only in inch system that you find tires with equal width and height which is a square. Finally using the Toyo Open Country tire conversion chart you can get the tire size in metric, alpha numeric and inch sytem.
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