The Benefits of Heater Hire for Care Homes With Nursing

By: Steve Reeve | Posted: 08th November 2012

During a particularly cold spell when the capacity of a heating system at a care home with nursing can sometimes prove inadequate, hiring heaters from a heater hire specialist with a well stocked depot located close to the home can provide that vital extra supply of heat.

Hired Heaters for Care Homes With Nursing are Ideal:

In extreme weather conditions

When renovations are being carried out to existing boiler rooms

When boilers fail – clearly, residents can manage without hot water for a short time, but heating is essential

For particularly cold areas of the home where insulation is poor

When a boiler failed at the Marriott House Care Home in Londonderry in December 2009, residents were left without heat for 27 hours. Fortunately, there were no fatalities - reports

Much more seriously, in January that year, eight residents of the Crown Nursing Home in Harwell, Oxfordshire, died of “individual chest-related illnesses”. Although no direct link was found between the central heating breakdown there and the deaths (an inquiry found that the individuals died of natural causes), the CSCI issued the 16-bed home with requirement notices for not immediately informing the commission about several deaths in the Home, and also that the heating system was not working, states the Oxford Mail.

These two examples highlight just how vulnerable residents can be in homes. Given the frailty and susceptibility to illness of the elderly, it is perhaps surprising that there are no strict governmental guidelines in place regarding the temperature at which homes across the UK should be kept; (although, Health and Safety Executive guidelines state that managers have a duty of care towards people on their premises, this includes the provision of reasonable heat)

As well as being the ideal emergency back-up option, hired portable heating units are energy efficient, environmentally-friendly, and can be:

Used immediately at a home

Easily stored

Rented on a short contract basis

The perfect stop-gap between the removal of an existing (fixed) heating system at a home, and the installation of a new one

Added to an existing heating solution when extra heating is required

Portable heaters can also be hired during planned servicing or maintenance work to a fixed heating system at a home.

Experienced heater engineers will know which portable heaters will be best to supply

Clients can always receive the newest units available

Units will always be serviced before being released to clients

The units are mobile and so can be easily moved around a home, as required

There are no long-term storage issues

There is no capital expenditure involved

Portable heaters can be used to heat large rooms and communal areas at homes, as well as individual bedrooms; so daily life at a home could continue without disruption or distress being caused.

At most homes, small heaters (oil-filled radiators, 3kW DE-25 units...) would be used as they are inconspicuous, have simple controls and are easily powered (most portable electric hired heaters work off a standard 13a 240v power supply). Heater engineers will position the heaters safely, ensuring that supply cables will not be a trip hazard for residents with vision or manoeuvrability challenges.

Temporarily leasing heaters in winter is an ideal option for managers of care homes with nursing, providing peace of mind for them, and also for residents’ relatives and friends who need to know that a reliable and adequate heat and hot water provision at the home is ‘a given’.

Managers who have wisely taken the precaution of formulating a contingency plan (with the help of a specialist in heater rental) can feel confident knowing that, should they ever require temporary heaters at their home in a hurry, the specialist (who offers a 24/7, year-round, emergency call-out service) will respond immediately to their urgent call.

Article submitted by Steve Reeve, Sales Director at Andrews Sykes. With over 25 years’ experience, Andrews Sykes provides heater hire services to UK care homes using machinery sourced from the world’s top manufacturers. For more information about heater hire, please visit
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