Stonefly 365Vault Storage Appliance Vault 2000R

By: Pradeep Jagan | Posted: 31st August 2012

StoneFly a business wing of Dynamic Network Factory is offering innovative storage solutions from the past decade and more. It has received high recognition in the storage network field and was also awarded for its time to time refreshment models as per the changes occurring in storage technology market. 365Vault is one of the backup software’s offered by Stonefly, which acts as a private and cloud enterprise backup as it provides data protection and seamless disaster recovery. Based on this backup software are the appliances of 365vault and among them is the Vault 2000R which is one such backup and storage appliance.

365Vault’s Vault 2000R is a versatile backup engine which offers all types of disk to disk backups and restore and provides immediate and secured access to data. This storage appliance is enabled with 4TB storage capacity and has network connectivity of dual gigabit Ethernet ports. Vault 2000R offers support to iSCSI and NAS i.e. block level storage and file level storage transfer. This storage appliance has SATA 3 disk storage which is driven by 6GB/second connectivity option. RAID levels of 0, 1, 10, JBOD are also supported by this storage appliance and so redundancy and fault tolerance are offered, provided the RAID level which supports such instances is selected.

Vault 2000R acts as a powerful and compact backup engine as it is laid on a quad-core Intel Xeon Processors. This platform offers delivery of numerous instructions per clock cycle and so it offers quick execution along with lower power consumption. The Intel Xeon processor platform offers less power consumption and so the enterprise can witness lower operational costs in maintaining this storage appliance. Moreover, Xeon is offered with smart memory access which leads to optimization of available data bandwidth and also it offers advanced smart cache to offer more efficient cache subsystem.
Stonefly offers Storage Appliances for Enterprise Backup.

For all those who are looking for more highlights from Vault 2000R, here is a note. Vault 2000R is facilitated with Quad Core Intel Xeon processor as they are specifically designed for 24/7 smart computing. There is a feature called as “Block Tracker” which keeps a tab of all the changes at block levels on disk level and are smartly configured for image backup. So, the image backups will be saved to Virtual hard disk files whether they are available in full or as incremental backups.

The incremental backup offers auto detection feature made to the files and directories and will then on backup the changes made to the files. There are special agents for Microsoft SQL server, MYSQL and Microsoft Exchange Server quiesce data bases which ensure integrity of backup volumes.

Vault 2000R offers a multiplatform interoperability feature as it can work on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, MAC OSX. It is also compatible to VMware ESX versions and VMware server 2.0 virtual machines. Moreover, all 365vault software installations which are based on different operating systems are interoperable.

Stonefly 365Vault 2000R appliance is offered with Data Integrity as it offers guarantee to the data stored in it. If at all the data gets lost due to any kind of technical, human errors or mechanical failures then StoneFly offers $1000 professional Data Recovery Services to its users. Moreover, this data guarantee is applicable to all Vault appliances purchases.

So, do not think much and just go and grab the 365Vault Vault 2000R if in case you are looking for a storage and backup unified appliance.
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