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By: Diksha Seth | Posted: 13th August 2012

Telephony is and has always been a very important for business communication as it is ideal for real time interaction. Though email has become the official protocol but it still could not replace the telephone interaction, moreover it is a delayed way of communiqué. One cannot expect impromptu response hence there is a need if telephony. The model of PBX system is not new but it was with the intervention of cloud based telephony which made even smaller firms realize the significance of this technology; Hosted PBX VOIP is a powerful communication platform. In order to gain the optimum output of this system one needs to harness it in the right way. It is crucial for every business to have a reliable and efficient business communication system.

Hosted PBX services provide influential solution which takes care of all the challenges being faced by the small and medium organizations. Resources are one of the prime constraints of these organizations. Opting for virtual PBX can bring incredible changes in your business. PBX over cloud is cost effective as well as it helps the company to lower its cost to a great extent. One can save almost up to 50% of their communication operating cost by switching to the Hosted PBX system.

The projection of the organization in favorable light is essential for the SMBs (small and medium business) as the escalation of their business depends on its appropriate marketing strategy. For these organizations the virtual PBX is a centralized communication system which successfully manages the entire business communication irrespective of the company’s volume. This technology is easy on pocket and at the same time user friendly as it is very easy to comprehend and operate on it. One does not have to undergo training from qualified personnel or need a specific technical skill to operate the Hosted PBX system. This thing also works in favor of its users as they can save up the cost of hiring trained personnel and hence decreases the extra expenditure.

Benefits which makes Hosted PBX VOIP lucrative

• High Return on small Investments – Cloud based telephony or hosted PBX is the future of business communication and there are no doubts about that. The sooner the organization embraces its services the better would be his chances to save up. As there is no initial cost of buying, installing and maintaining the PBX hardware it highly cuts down on the upfront cost involved in installing an office PBX system.

• Calls at reasonable prices- As it a known fact that the growth of the company is directly proportional to the company’s level of interaction with its client. Hosted PBX systems are hosted over interconnected network; hence it considerably slashes down the cost of long distance communication. You can talk as much as you need at reasonable prices.

• Plethora of features- A lot of advanced calling features are present at very viable rates with Hosted PBX services such as call waiting, call transfer, conference calling, find me, follow me, caller id, speed dial, call forwarding and many more.

• Superior Scalability- The unmatched scalability being provided by PBX over cloud make organizations use to them. It doesn’t make a difference if your organization has 20 or 2000 people, virtual PBX has the potential to meet your changing needs

Hosted PBX VOIP has the capability and potential to help an organization grow and help in facilitating a better communication pathway.

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