Is Upgrading the Shelter Homes Enough?

By: John Matthew | Posted: 16th July 2012

Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board is planning to modernize the shelter homes in Delhi and is also building few more shelters for homeless. But will that be enough to keep the homeless away from the street sides at night?

Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board (DUSIB) is working on a new project these days and that is to modernize the Delhi’s shelter homes. If the task of improving the shelter homes is completed successfully, around 60,000 homeless people in Delhi will take a breath of relief this summer and in monsoon as well. As per Chetan Sangai, CEO, Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board, the shelter homes of Delhi are being upgraded to all weather homes. Not only these homes will provide homeless people a roof during summers and winters but also will keep them safe from rains as well. The walls and roofs of these shelters are going to be upgraded by using bison board fitted with thermocol and fans will also be provided to offer better care to the homeless people in them. But is this enough to keep homeless away from unsafe sidewalks? If you want to see and understand their condition, buy exclusive images of homeless people living in Delhi.

Delhi has 150 shelter homes at present. 66 shelter homes out of these 150 are permanent while remaining 84 are temporary. DUSIB is planning to use three different plots of DDA which are at Narela and Rohini to build few more shelter homes. It is planning to add few more floors in existing ones as well. This is really great news for homeless and for us as well. Well who likes to step upon some sleeping beggar while taking a night walk on footpath? But do you really think adding the number of shelter homes or improving its wall will make any change? According to the survey done by an NGO, 30 out of these 150 shelters are of very low occupancy. Homeless prefer to huddle around the fire in the open no matter how chilly are the winter nights, than resting under the shelter roof in warm blankets. If you are interested to know more about the shelter homes, buy content related to the issue. You will find more people under the flyovers than in the shelters. Why it is so? What are we missing? Answer is the basic things - hygiene and the safety.

Present shelter homes in Delhi have capacity of 13000 people but homeless avoid these because they are lacking in basic amenities. Thefts are also common in these shelters and people prefer to stay in plastic tents to keep their stuff safe. Water and sanitization is again a major issue why homeless avoid these shelters. During winters almost everyone who had used the shelter homes had complained about the smelly and dirty blankets. The blankets provided to the homeless in these shelters were allegedly full of lice and bedbugs. Of course this could cause major health problems. The homeless include children, women and senior citizens who require special care. As the shelters are divided into men and women camps, people avoid them in fear of segregation of family. Mothers cannot leave their children and authorities should keep this fact in mind. You can also buy images of home shelters which are under construction.

Upgrading the shelters and increasing their number is definitely a good idea but it will be of no use if these basic problems will remain same. Water supply and sanitation should be the priority if government really wants to improve these shelters. Hygiene and security is again the most important thing to be taken care of apart from making these shelters all weather shelter homes.

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