Hair Removal Service for All Skin types

By: asha2012 | Posted: 04th July 2012

Unwanted hair

Unwanted hair on arms, underarms and also legs can put you in an embarrassing situation. Nowadays everyone laughs at the display of unwanted hairs. For this reason, people put an effort to remove unwanted hair the moment it grows back. Earlier there were only two hair removal processes were available - shaving and waxing were the only ways to remove unwanted hair. However, with the improvement of technology hair removal service has also improved. Now you can remove the unwanted hair with laser treatment. It is the best and most painless way of getting rid of the unwanted hair.

Laser hair removal treatment

It is considered to be the most effective way of removing hair. The doctors use laser beam and heat for Laser Hair Removal Long Island. The process destroys the unwanted hair from the very root and stops the hair from growing back again. This is the reason you will not have to remove the unwanted hair over and over again. The doctors target the hair root with the laser beam and terminate the root. It painlessly takes care of the unwanted hair.

Caution before the laser hair removal

There are numerous advantages of laser Hair Removal Service. However, you should keep in mind that it is a treatment and you need to be careful. There are some preparations which you need to go through before you hit the Dermatology Center. Sun light can harm skin and affect the treatment. Thatís why you need to stay away from sun if you have decided to go through this treatment. Also, you should not apply any hair removal lotion or gel before the treatment. Using chemical may cause harmful effect on the skin.

Laser treatment and the skin types

Before you actually go for the laser treatment, you need to know about the skin type you possess. It is important as laser treatments vary depending on skin types. However, you need to consult an expert dermatologist in long island to decide your skin type. This skin type is determined by the sensitivity to the sun ray.

Sun sensitive

This skin type always burns when exposed to the sun light. It never tans. This is considered to be the most sensitive skin type. Pale skin with reddish hair falls under this type. For this reason, the possessors of this skin type should be extra careful at the time of the Hair Removal Service.

Fair skin prone to sun burn

Fair skin is sensitive to sun ray. Those who possess fair skin and blue eyes are prone to sun burn. This skin type does not tan much and burns when overly exposed to the sun light. The dermatologist in long island treats this skin type delicately for this reason.

Not so sensitive skin type

Those with darker type of fair skin are not so sensitive to the sun exposure. They burn, but the measure of the sun burn is not that harmful as to the other two skin types. Laser Hair Removal Long Island service is beneficial for them.

Brown skin

The possessors of this skin type are not sensitive to sun light. They do not burn so easily. They are accustomed to sun exposure as mostly the Asians possess this skin type. They can acquire the benefits of laser Hair Removal Service without any risk. For more information, log on to

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