Being responsible launches a physiotherapy center Going to construct, the old age homes for elderly

By: PR24x7 | Posted: 15th June 2012

Being responsible launches a physiotherapy center Going to construct, the old age homes for elderly people

Indore: Being responsible though a small baby of just 2-3 months, but is now able to understand its own responsibilities and initiating innovative activities for the society.

As a social group of Indore city, being responsible, initiated the following activities after February 2012:

• Senior citizen’s Day Care Centers

• Assistance to needy senior citizens by providing grocery

• Mobile Medicare Van for slum areas of the city

Being responsible started two senior citizens day care centers at the following places:

148-B Mahadev Totla Nagar, Ring road, Indore
137, Sarvsampann Nagar, kanadia road, Indore

Both the centers are open for all senior citizens of city, where they will find a very healthy infrastructure comprising of sufficient space, computers, internets, libraries, games and recreations.

Mrs. Kumudinee Dubey, a house wife and regular visitor of daycare center at Mahadev Totla Nagar says “I am feeling tremendous changes in me, after joining the center. Now I am more active and take part in all activities of center. I am thrilled to attend English classes here and can say that the basic grammar which I learnt in school days is being revised here. Now my English knowledge is good.”

Mr. Tandon, an ex banker attending the center at Sarvasampanna Nagar also reacted his feelings as “ Before joining center, I was preferring to stay at home only, but after going through and involving in different activities of the center, I feel an amazing change in myself, thanks to being responsible for making me active.”

Smt. Tulsidevi, a resident in slum area of east Indore expressed her gratitude for being responsible team and said” I had lost my husband five years back. My two sons are living separately. As I am 70 years old, I can not do physical labor. My neighbors are very cooperative and help me many times, but I am alive with the help of being responsible team only, who manages my “Daal Roti” every month.”

Akhtar Husain living near Piplya hana square Indore was suffering from viral fever from 10 days but could not afford the costly prescription of nearby physician. When he was examined by the team of medicare mobile van and was given medicines, free of cost, he could not utter any word, but shed few tears from his eyes. However after a while he said “Bahut Bahut Shukriyaa. Allah un logon kee taraf zyaada dekhtaa hai jo doosaron kaa khayaal rakhate hain. Being responsible jo kaam kar rahaa hai, who kaabile taarif hai.”

Being responsible believes in extending different social services to society. The group is going to start a physiotherapy center, very shortly at EW 56, scheme number 94, Ring road, Indore. The center will offer physiotherapy services to all, free of cost.

An another project, the old age homes for senior citizens is also to be launched, very shortly.

Mr.Atul Malikram, founder, being responsible says “We as a social group, try to reach each class of the society. We have started our social services from February this year only, but during a short period of two months only, we could succeed in launching three activities viz. senior citizen day care center, mobile medicare van. The success of all the present activities inspired us to do more efforts. I am happy to inform that we are going to start two more activities shortly. We are also starting two more Day Care Centers, in the city, one at Malhar Mega Mall, AB road, Indore and another at Summer Park, Nipania village, Indore.”

Shri Abhay Jain, Director, Virtual Voyage, institute of design, media & management , Malhar Mega Mall who was found very happy after going through the activities of Tapobhoomi , expressed his feelings as “ During my visit to centre, I saw that all the senior citizens coming here, are taking interest in center’s activities. Many seniors are still anxious to learn new things of modern age, like computers, internets etc. When I talked to some seniors to know their experience with the centre, all responded positively, and with the result, I on the very day decided to start a center in my building. I kept my proposal before being responsible, and I am happy to inform that one more day care center will be dedicated to senior citizens of the city, early.”

Shri Prabal Singh Surana, the famous social worker and founder of Sahaayata prakkoshta while inaugurating “Main Hoon Naa” mobile medicare van said “ I had heard a lot about being responsible, but today when I came here and saw various activities of the group, I was very happy . I am sure that the group will be successful in the efforts they are doing and to be done in future.”

Ms.Purvi sharma, member, being responsible informed “we are receiving support from organizations like Ranbaxy Labs and Sahaayata in the way of free medicines, for which we are grateful to them. All our present activities are running successfully and more activities are going to be implemented, shortly. Let us hope that citizens of Indore city will find us as humble social servants, and inspire us to do more activities for the benefits of society.”

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