Five Ways to Make a 6 Week Diet and Exercise Program Worthwhile

By: Victoria Summers | Posted: 27th April 2012

A weight loss regimen lasting just a week is more likely to be fantastic, but a 6 week diet and exercise program is realistic. A weight loss period of six weeks is safe, effective, and discipline-instilling. The first few weeks will be for the body to adjust itself for the weight loss regimen; the succeeding weeks will be for carrying out the main plans for weight loss. A longer diet and exercise program should cover not only exercising, but also dieting. If you exercise but you don't eat correctly, all the losses in weight caused by exercising will be cancelled by the weight gain caused by improper dieting.

So here are five dieting and exercise tips that you can apply for a 6 week diet and exercise program so that you can lose weight in a safe manner. Here they are:

1. Remember the most common advice: eat fruits and vegetables every meal! This may sound too repetitive already, but we'll have to emphasize this over and over again in your 6 week diet and exercise program. Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins that serve to boost your metabolism. Boosts in metabolism cause boosts in energy production, and boots in energy production indicate more fat-burning. Also, fruits and vegetables give you a feeling of fullness which keeps you away from fatty foods and foods that are rich in bad calories.

2. Remember to eat protein-rich foods too while in your 6 week diet and exercise program. Protein increases your muscle mass, and increases in muscle mass lead to increases in your capability to exercise. With bigger muscles, your exercises can last longer and will use up plenty of energy. Protein rich foods include meat, fish, chicken, eggs any meat product will do. However, while in your 6 week diet and exercise program, remember to remove the fatty portions of these meat products so that you won't take in excess fat.

3. Avoid processed foods, especially sweet foods with processed carbohydrates, while you are in your 6 week diet and exercise program. Processed carbohydrates are the bad calories they are hard to digest, so instead of getting used up as energy, they end up becoming fats inside the body. Processed sweet foods include cookies, cakes, chips, sodas, and so on. You should get calories from fruits and vegetables, because the calories found in them are easily digested by the body and turned to energy.

4. Exercise regularly. For the first week of your 6 week diet and exercise program, you can do light exercises for 30 minutes a day. A good example of a light exercise is brisk walking. Any exercise with the same level of intensity as brisk walking is good. For weeks 2 and 3, you can proceed to more strenuous exercises, such as running and biking. You can also do strength training and you can even use exercise machines. For weeks 4-6, you can increase your activity level to at least 1 hour a day. Your exercises here will be the most vigorous.

5. Always have some activity to do. For your 6 week diet and exercise program, you cannot afford to slack off when opportunities for activity arise. Even with regular exercise, to keep yourself psychologically committed to activity, you should seek activity even inside the house. If you are watching TV, you can do some sit-ups or even dancing. You can choose to run up and down the stairs if the opportunity arises during your 6 week diet and exercise program.

Victoria Summers is a featured and syndicated expert columnist on the topic of diet & exercise for the Secret Enquirer. For more diet & exercise tips and articles, visit now.
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