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Spa On cruises, all this thinking and designed for the passenger to pass it your best, relax, watch your health and beauty, as these are the objective pursued by these cruises. For this reason, also tend to have large gyms and areas for physical activities, which help to keep the body in motion to achieve also a good fit.

Holistic Spa

The holistic discipline is a part of the belief that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, meaning that it must consider the whole and not each of the parts separately. It is not just a sum of parts but the parts that constitute the whole are interdependent with each other. Thus, the holistic considers the body as a system as a whole entity, which also includes body, mind and spirit.

Following this concept, the holistic Spa includes among their activities and other things that benefit other types of Spa may not be aware of. The idea behind this type of Spas is to make the guest feel well can not only physical but spiritual. The Spa caters holistic body, mind and spirit alike, to make the person feel good in all aspects surrounding it. They use all kinds of techniques. In addition to the typical activities of any Spa as massage, the hot springs and the like, typically include activities such as yoga, Reiki, relaxation therapy, the use of oils and flower essences, bath salts fruit, types of meditation etc.

The holistic Spa is also typically including Eastern origin that helps relax and connect and relax body, mind and spirit. Some holistic spas also include other activities that are good and give comfort to the body, which will vary according to the needs of each patient. That is, some holistic spas also contemplated plans or programs for people with obesity who also receives guidance from a nutritionist. Other people come to receive treatment for specific ailments such as cellulite, varicose veins, etc. All these treatments are also often supplemented by other activities such as hiking, gymnastics or swimming, they also help to increase well-being and can also help connect body and soul.

Day spa services :

Jacuzzi spa

A Jacuzzi spa is only one hotel that offers the service of their offer therapeutic Jacuzzi spa and use it as your main marketing tool to attract customers, who come to the establishment in order to enjoy the benefits and the benefits of the Jacuzzi. Some hotels include a Jacuzzi in the rooms.

The Jacuzzi can be included in a full-service spa or appear as the only service available. Although this is usually less common, if it becomes a differential for many hotels that helps customers to attract them but not looking for a hotel spa treatment, if they value you can relax in the Jacuzzi at the end of the day.

But what features a Jacuzzi Spa?

Today, we are familiar with private Jacuzzi that we can have many installed in our homes. The tubs are generally installed in bathtubs, small or large, located in the bathrooms of homes, so they are somewhat limited.

A Jacuzzi Spa Hotel offers the same but on a larger scale. Baths are usually large-scale, closer to the concept of pools, which follow one after another. In these pools, jacuzzi, different speeds of running water, water at different temperatures, so that each will generate an effect and the combination of all welfare state generates the final.

The Hotel Spa Jacuzzi are specially designed to eliminate physical and mental fatigue generated in our society today, and get to act in this way, against musculoskeletal disorders caused by the fatigue and the stress daily. However, the Jacuzzi Spa is not intended to solve internal problems more severe. It should be clear on this point, not to be unpleasant to be created after disappointments unrealistic expectations. The Spa Jacuzzi is ideal to retrieve a lost mood fatigue, but not to fight disease.

Cruises Spa

Today, in addition to the Spa Hotel and Day Spa, there is another alternative to enjoy the benefits of a spa in a different environment and totally relaxing, it's about cruises Spa. These cruises are a great option to enjoy a family holiday, couples, or friends. Spa Cruises offer many activities and throughout the days of the cruise, you can keep trying and combining all the activities offered. This is a very relaxing and enjoyable trip that allows completely relax and forget for a few days of everything that happens in the world. The sea, the sea breeze, the weather, rest, together with all the benefits offered by the cruise, makes an unforgettable cruise vacation spa, which will recharge the batteries and be back with renewed energy. Of these trips, it is customary to return with a deep sense of peace and prosperity.

Medical spa services :

The cruises are usually very comprehensive and offer endless possibilities when it comes to enjoy as the whole boat is available to tourists or passengers. While they may offer the same services that some hotels combine these treatments with the sea is a bonus that will help you relax and stay at the Spa is even more enjoyable.

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