What Makes A Good Vacuum Cleaner?

By: Silviu Marian | Posted: 31st January 2012

Not all vacuum cleaners are created equal…in fact, they're actually not even close. When considering the features that make a good vacuum cleaner, it's a good idea to first understand that there are several very different levels of quality and performance when it comes to vacuums.

Some economy level vacuums are practically just toys—they do little more than sweep the dirt and dust around a bit. These are the $99 variety you'll find at the box store. Probably a good idea to avoid this option altogether.

Other mid-range vacuums get the job done for the most part—but just aren't built to last or to be able to be properly maintained. In other words, they're disposable and very expensive in the long run.

A true quality vacuum cleaner will be built to last, built to do the job right and get every last bit of dirt and dust possible contained, and most importantly, will be designed to last practically a lifetime.

So, with this in mind, what makes a good vacuum cleaner?

Quality. Obviously, quality is extremely important. When making an investment in a household appliance like a vacuum cleaner, you probably don't care to have to go out and spend your time and money getting a new one every year or two. When you purchase a good quality vacuum that is built to last, you'll save in the long run.

Durability. Very much related to quality of build, durability in a vacuum cleaner also means that it is fully serviceable. A vacuum that was designed to be serviceable will last forever if properly taken care of. With a good vacuum cleaner, the brushes, filters, and cords can all be replaced when they become worn.

Ease of use. Some vacuum cleaners are so heavy and bulky that they really just become decoration for a broom closet somewhere instead of getting used on a regular basis. On the other hand, a good vacuum cleaner should be very easy to use (dare we say, even fun to use). Being lightweight and smooth-coasting over the carpet or flooring are very desirable features in a quality vacuum.

Maneuverability. In addition to being easy to use, a good vacuum cleaner should also be nimble and highly maneuverable. You'll want to be able to clean thoroughly between and under furniture and other household belongings without having to break your back moving everything around to make space for the vacuum. Good vacuums are thoughtfully designed to be easy to maneuver.

Performance. Some vacuums do little more than stir up all of the dust and allergens. A good vacuum cleaner will fully contain all particles and clean the air that flows through the vacuum's suction, filter bag, micro-particle filter, and finally, back into the room's air…all to the highest standards. Capturing all of the smallest allergens, dirt particles, and dust mites is vitally important, especially to asthma sufferers and others easily affected by less than pristinely clean air.

The bag factor. Vacuums with filter bags really are still much better than the recently-popular bagless variety. In the end, it's very simple—a good quality vacuum cleaner uses a filter bag to capture the majority of debris and dust before it further processes and cleans the air with micro-filters. Multiple filtrations equate to much cleaner air, and ultimately, a vacuum that lasts much longer because it isn't clogged with debris and dust all the time. It's also a cleaner and more pleasant experience to change a filter bag than it is to empty a bagless vacuum's dirt container.

To sum it all up, a good vacuum cleaner will clean floors better, will keep the air cleaner, will last longer, and will be much easier to use. Don't settle for subpar vacuums.

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