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By: nag | Posted: 22nd December 2011

Reality shows have taken Indian TV viewers by charm and surprise. Some have gone to the extent that they have to be banned - some have left great mark on the life of an average Indian. Bollywood Billi - the leading Bollywood news website in India has conducted a study to find out the Top 10 Reality shows in India and here are some findings from the analysis of study.

Checking about the reality shows singing reality shows are certainly losing their charms, while celebrity reality shows turning out to be a massive hit on the TV industry. Lets start something new topic on the Indian Television and its innovative shows and rate the best reality show for e.g. Sach Ka Samna, Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao, Lil Champs and so on. There are many reality shows and that episodes making the show a great Indian TV Display with tremendous entertainment.

When one thinks about a best a reality show, the person is surely gets the big house and that is the Bigg Boss which is certainly the one of favorite show of Indian audience, though the adults have the access to watch the controversial drama and that often is said very hot spicy great garam masala on the television, Overall Big Boss stands out simply for celebs are taking great step to stay in that house and the improvisation they make. Big Boss Its a fun show, though objectionable sometime. Most of the Indian people like bigg boss as well (though it is not novel) a mad house that really entertaining. is slowly turning out to be amazingly entertaining show of the year.

While coming to the singing reality show the Indian Idol is the massive opportunity provider for the young talented people, who got great vocals to prove just they are brilliant and good show indeed, though they need to adjust on audience poll.But the main drawback that people say is that the judges of the show who are taking their seats in front of the contestant and they should take the good decisions by themselves. Then It's looks much fairer.

While many other think that's undoubtedly roadies because it is the show which is unique with an original idea, As it proves that Indian Folks are not any less than Tough Human Being in the World. People really enjoys its concept, as they feel themselves as great Indian youths. Here yet another reality show brought to you by (Mr. Khiladi of Bollywood Akshya Kumar, acting as the leader of the show "Khatron Ke Khiladi", which all means Daredevil. Its literal meaning would be 'Playes of dangers'. People who love to dive into risks and living on the edge. When a question asked the young generation of India, like If you want to take part on any game show what would it be?

Many voted for Fear Factor (khatron ke khiladi), which has got the daredevil stunts to shock the viewers. Fear Factor is suggested as one of the best show to step into the risk and eat bugs and that would make participant really challenging. Here you go, u got a millionaire dollar question from the great Bollywood's actor's show Mr. Amitabh Bachchan's Kaun Banega Crorepati.

People are eager to win the jackpot question, but reaching to this stage of question all yiu have to do you have to answer all the questions, may people would like to participate to see themselves an overnight millionaire from the show. And when asked about KBC, as, How is Kaun Banega Crorepati? People say, Umm it is not the telecast live and It is recorded 2/3 hours before telecast and not thrilling and not nail-biting. Yep, here it is Splitting show on the TV channel and when thrown a question to the people like, Who is mtv splitsvilla targeting the audience? This show is a blood boiler one for the youth audience,People easily comment and say that contestants of such show's have no self dignity and immoral people. Some feel AMAZING, when they watch desy gals doing some sexy things, and boys compelling them to play games. A fun to watch if you were free and bored of regular things.

The verdict - Overall, Celebrity Reality Shows Rules TV ll!

Top Ten Reality shows in India
1. Indian Idol
2. India’s Got Talent
3. MTV Roadies
4. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa
5. Kaun Banega Crorepati
6. The Great Indian Laughter Challenge
7. Comedy Circus
8. Just Dance
9. Big Boss
10. Khatron ke khiladi

If you ask top three Reality shows in India our picks are - Big Boss, MTV Roadies, and Khatron ke khiladi! What is Yours?
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