How To Encourage Children To Go To School

By: osawebmaster8 | Posted: 24th November 2011

Preschool or Kindergarten is a childís first step towards the formal world of education. It is the entry point of the child in a universe of knowledge. Some children find school life an exciting experience. They wave their hands in the air to answer questions that their teachers ask them at school, and are the first to sit down for snacks. On the other hand there is another group of children who are less thrilled. Shy or more reserved kids can find the activities at school strange but irresistible. They may feel reluctant to speak out in class, restrain from the group, or prefer to keep to themselves, playing quietly in a corner. Some children fear the feeling of being away from their family period. Kids sometime also donít wish to go to school due to overwhelming feelings of worry and anxiety of being bullied or ridiculed. Parents sometime neglect this aspect of a childís psychology. But itís very essential to understand why the child is not willing to go to school.

With proper support from the parents, children may actually enjoy going to school more than the parents can expect. All it takes is to know how to encourage them, before getting the children to foster a different approach toward school world. It is often noticed that when parents admit their children in a preschool or kindergarten, the first thing that catches the attention of the children is their new dress, school bag, Tiffin box, color pencils and their new school stationary. They get excited by the thought that they are going to use those artifacts. Moreover, itís upon the parents to create a positive picture of the school in their childrenís minds. When parents positively encourage their child towards school, children also develop the interest of going there. Try to tell the children how well they are doing. It helps them to build a positive attitude. If they are worried about their school, go visit it in advance and walk around it, showing them all the positive things they have to look forward to doing.Let children see how grown up they are now.

When children get involved in their school, they feel like going to school. Parents can prepare the school Tiffin with their child so that they can feel like a part of their parentís day to day activity. Moreover, school mates also play a vital role in boosting up childrenís interest towards schools. Children who develop a good friend circle in schools easily are molded towards going to school. School is a great place where we learn to communicate with people. In a two way communication process, everyone gets an equal chance of being in a discussion. So teachers also need to give a free space to children where they can put their views and can also seek for teachersí help. The school infrastructure facilities also attract children towards schools. A school having all modern teaching aids can create a healthy environment for students. In that case kids enthusiastically accept the school environment without any hesitation.

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