Embroidered Wall Hanging: The Perfect Welcome Gift

By: Rogerkane | Posted: 24th November 2011

My young-adult son will be moving back to Crete this week, in two days in fact. I havenít seen him in ten months, so I am quite excited! I was done fixing up my sewing room (his old bedroom), but it is in extreme shambles right now! The only other bedroom available for him was the little one that Europeans call a ďsingleĒ bedroom. I was using it for my office.

Now, my office is an alcove off the living room, and my office supplies are distributed between some baskets tucked into the shelves of my desk and scattered all over the sewing room! It is a mess. But, I must say that the rest of the house is spotless and looks fabulous. This makes me happy!

Part of preparing for my sonís arrival has been to stitch a wall hanging for him that looks like an impressionist painting of a guitar and metronome. Itís by one of my favorite creators of machine embroidery designs, and each piece has almost 50,000 stitches! Luckily, this is a small project and only has six pieces! This type of machine embroidery takes some extra preparation and causes lots of nail biting anxiety!

Some of the problems include extreme puckering of the fabric no matter how well it is stabilized, running out of bobbin thread, which means more handling of the embroidery frame, and machine hiccups which can mess up the entire thing. Iíve gotten two thread nests that ruined the two pieces I was working on. At 50,000 stitches, starting over is just aggravating!

But, where thereís a will, thereís a way! Yesterday, I set up the machine to stitch the next embroidery design in the series. Wound extra bobbins (I donít like pre-wounds). Changed the needle. Hooped stabilizer and fabric very carefully. This is all stuff I do anyway, but yesterday it felt like I was on a quest!

Once the machine was humming away, I used the time between thread changes to clean up the loft outside the sewing room, clear out the closets in my sonís new room, and mop all the floors on this level. Of course, I also kept a sharp ear tuned to the music of the machine. Any change of pitch had me on top of the machine watching for problems! Do you remember the days when you watched every single stitch?

The loft now holds a nice bookcase in a little alcove right outside my sewing room door. Here, I was able to put all my fiber arts books and small office supplies in decorative baskets. I shoved my new crochet yarn in a closet cubby in the small bedroom, and I took a load of fabric down to the basement. I love my sewing room, but it doesnít have much ďstashĒ space.

It took 2 hours and 12 minutes to stitch out that embroidery design, and it stitched well. Lovely! And, although my sewing room is still a mess, it is noticeably less messy than it was before I started stitching. Likely, I will finish it up today while I stitch another piece for my project.

The rest of the house looks fabulous, my laundry is a hands-off type of task, and I have two whole days until picking my son up at the airport. What bliss this free time is!

Now, I wonder what I can do to fill the time? Oh, of course Ö more machine embroidery!

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